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What Most Companies Are Missing About App Analytics?

Author: Kristy Johnson
by Kristy Johnson
Posted: Oct 14, 2016

Mobile apps are one of the innovative inventions of our time. These have provided an opportunity to the organizations to tap into the large user base and engage them anytime. As companies further evolve their relationship with users with the use of their mobile applications, an influencing factor playing a crucial role here is the app analytics.

Unfortunately, many of the businesses today tend to rely on their luck, rather than analytics, when it comes to mobile app becoming a hit in the market. There is a great degree of opportunities that they are missing. Here, take a look:

Analyze Mobile App Downloads

When it comes to chasing success in the market for your application, it is often required to prepare a ‘rock-solid’ action plan before the initiation of the process. Here, mobile app analytics plays an important role in improving the promotion of mobile apps by showing the source of download traffic. According to reports, 52% decisions to download mobile apps are made while browsing the app stores. This type of insights can prove to be beneficial for marketing strategy if we have this valuable information beforehand. And this would only be possible through analytics.

Better serve your users

Without giving a look at the patterns and feedback, it is nearly impossible to listen to your customers. Here app analytics enables you to gain relevant insight into the customer data that would ultimately assists you in serving them more efficiently across all the stages of the lifecycle.

Deal with churning and retention concerns

The successful applications make use of analytics to focus on only the high loyal base of customers, but also for reducing the gap between churning and retention. Any app development company would recommend its use because it would provide possible predictions regarding churn based on the data derived from customer insights. Knowing the basic parameters of where, when and why your customers dumped the app would provide you a way to offer new services to win your precious customers back.

Effective experience to different Cohorts

Categorizing users is different cohorts on the basis of various factors, you can easily measure the effects of changes, optimizations and monetization for your application. For instance, you can divide users on the basis of the points achieved by them in their customer journey. By conducting a careful behavioral analysis of each cohort, you can easily bestow better experience to each cohort.

In short, app analytics is something that works in the background for the purpose of enhancing and optimizing your marketing efforts, that ultimately paves way for an accelerated growth, satisfied customers, and improved ROI. If you are looking for mobile app solutions, you can get in touch with a mobile and web app development company that can provide relevant solutions such as, in-app analytics services, big data analytics solutions, loyalty programs and much more.

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Kristy is a content strategist, who works in close collaboration with the team of web application development company.

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