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Unit Dose Packaging Has Improved Exponentially

Author: Lf America
by Lf America
Posted: Oct 17, 2016
In the pharmaceutical business, the blister packaging is known as the unit-dose packaging. Lozenges, tablets, and capsules are packed with the unit-dose packaging system. These blister packs not only offer a barrier but also help in shielding the shelf life of these products. This type of packaging gives a certain amount of tamper resistance. All physician samples and over the counter drugs are packages with the help of unit dose packaging. This pack is also better known as the push through the pack in some countries across the world. Unit dose packaging confirms some degree of integrity and authenticity of the product.

Unit dose packaging is a form of plastic packaging and is widely used in the pharmaceutical as well as the consumer goods industry. The unit dose packaging machine is being increasingly used and there are many types of blister packaging that are available in the market.

We all have heard over and over again how far the organization of medicine, even medicine packaging has come a long way back when. The mortality rate has reduced tremendously in the past few decades. These days going to the hospital doesn’t mean that you are condemned to death or any long-term care, but that you will take professional treatment.

Seeing the expanse we have made with all types of big things such as medication, research diseases, and preventative measures, it's no surprise that we have made developments on some of the tiniest things in life as well. Things that might seem menial, but to those working in a hectic hospital atmosphere or long-term care facility, minor improvements make the system that is much easier and better. These small improvements in the pharmacy systems are another great way to assure great care, whether it is long-term or short-term, and mend medication errors. This improvement of the system is called unit dose packaging.

The unit dose packaging is best defined as a single dose of medication for a single person. This is used very much in long-term care facilities or in the hospital. Giving an example of a long-term care for a patient, the patient might experience extreme bouts of pain, so with a doctor’s orders the medical staff or pharmacy will draw up the stated unit dose with anticipation of the patient using this medication and package it accordingly. By having a unit dose packaging available to the nursing staff for this patient. The package will be there prepared with an easily identified bar code for when the patient is in dire need of pain relief, the staff simply has to pull out the pre-unit dose package and give it accordingly. No hassle with checking out a big bottle with the pharmacy, drawing the required amount in a syringe, then double checking to make sure you have the correct dose. Thus, this eliminates time as well as any room for errors and mistakes.

Unit dose packaging has become famous throughout the medical field everywhere. Particularly, in the hospital settings, unit dose packaging is extremely utilized. Thus, using unit dose packaging ensures fewer supplies, in turn saving the patient’s money, saving the hospital’s time and eliminating the error.


Gayle Adams is an expert in personal care and Over the Counter Products and offers all kinds of industry related advice in her articles for people to benefit from. is the name that she will recommend for contract filling, manufacturing, and formulation as well as packaging solutions.

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Gayle Adams is an expert in personal care and Over the Counter Products and offers all kinds of industry related advice in her articles for people to benefit from.

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