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For What Specific Reasons O & P US Visa Is Important For Artists and Entertainers

Author: Alexis Watson
by Alexis Watson
Posted: Oct 19, 2016
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O &P is a visa category for meant for artists from foreign land visiting US for different purposes like conducting shows and events etc. The different types of visas allowed under this particular category are very helpful for event management companies to transport their artist and their aides for conducting events in US soil.

The O & P is a broader category of visa which are divided into various types

a) O-1B : Is a visa category for people with extraordinary capabilities in arts

b) O2 : Is meant for personal accompanying various artists

c) P-1B: This meant for artist and their supporting members who are working for some US based internationally renowned performing groups who need to be immigrated to US for performing in case of some special event

d) P2 : This is meant for people who are part of any cultural exchange program between US and any other foreign country

e) P3 is the last category under this classified visa meant culturally unique performers or group of performers which might involves teachers and coaches and their supporting staffs if needed to travel have to apply for P category visa.

Though the O & P category of visa classification is not important for Canadian performers but they require USCIS approval. While entering the country permanent residents of Canada need to furnish the approval notice at the point of entry in the country. Whereas for artist from other nationalities need the thorough process of visa application based upon the category they fall into. On the other hand there is another special category of visa which is applicable for artist is the Q1 category. This category broadly used by Disney to bring people with specific skill in art and culture who fall under the age category of 18 and above and the period of their work in US is upto a period of 15 months. This type of visa facility is only available for people especially available for period who are part of any International exchange program. Post the 15 months period with extra of 30 days the Q1 status stands void and the person can apply for the same only in case he/she has stayed from US for period of at least 1 year.

Thus is a O And P Visas For Artists And Entertainers becomes special category of visa for artist and performers seems like quite similar to a temporary employment visa but more focused on specific skills. Employment visas are more concerned with people immigrating to US because of technical skills where as O& P is meant for artistic skill

So while applying any type of visa one should very clear with purpose of the visit, it is always advised to talk to an Immigration Lawyer New York well in advance and if it relating to delivering certain related to the persons skills then it become more important to understand the basic nuances and which in turn improve the chances of getting the visa application approved on the higher side.

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