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Best Practices for Legacy Application Modernization

Author: Renny Jose
by Renny Jose
Posted: Oct 20, 2016

Computer systems have ever increasing data demands. Maintaining and meeting this constant demand however, can be very expensive for organizations. In case of large amounts of data, organizations and their tech teams turn to modernizing their legacy application. This migration involves a number of risks like frequent failures in applications and the system might be susceptible to crashes. Adopting certain best practices help in the successful legacy modernization process.

These practices include:

  1. Assessment of the application: This helps in identifying the legacy applications that can be modernized into Software-as-a-Service application (SaaS). This identification involves the evaluation of the operating system and servers that can be used in running a SaaS system.
  2. Estimation of data priority: The gravity of data to be moved needs to be determined before the modernization process is initiated. Accrediting a rating to the data by level of importance helps the teams in deciphering and prioritizing every data category.
  3. Security assessment: By listing the potential data threats, security assessment helps identify the application data vulnerabilities. Implementation of necessary security measures furthermore, can help abate data security breaches.
  4. Assessment of software risks: Possible threat from hackers while modernizing legacy systems needs to be duly investigated. Such threats make the assessment of vulnerabilities more critical. Assessment of vulnerabilities helps in identifying risks that could cause adverse effects.
  5. Safeguards for data protection: Safeguards for data protection help insulate the loss of any vital information. Investment on the safeguards can be determined after analyzing the costs involved in modernizing legacy systems.

Modernizing legacy applications from outdated applications is a crucial process. It needs the expertise of an experienced partner to work the process from start to finish. With the support of an experienced partner, you can save time and resources in achieving a better performing data system. Nous Infosystems has helped modernize more than 100+ legacy applications and has the expertise to successfully modernize enterprise legacy applications. Nous is a leading global IT consulting services provider. The company specializes in providing end-to-end digital technology solutions across various industry domains. Talk to us today to learn more about our legacy modernization services.

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Author: Renny Jose

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