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5 Innovative Displays for Your Digital Signage Content

Author: Charlie Brown
by Charlie Brown
Posted: Nov 02, 2016

Digital signage has emerged as the most popular contemporary marketing tools. There are digital screens on every street and every business is now using large screens for branding and advertising purposes. From Coca Cola to McDonald, you will always find a digital sign advertising a new product.

Digital signage has grown due to its affordability and more importantly because video content has always fascinated audiences.75% of travellers for instance, recall seeing a digital ad and of these 47% went ahead to engage. A 2010 Swedish Study showed that people spend more time looking at digital ads than traditional static billboards.

A recent study by Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OHAAA) shows 55% of viewers recall the specific message in digital ads again highlighting how effective this marketing tool is in sales conversion. Another report on says that 80% of brands using digital signage saw a 33% increase in sales.

In essence, digital signage is the future of business-customer engagement and it is time to adopt it for your company. To get the most out of digital signage, you have to create highly interactive digital signage content.The content should be localized, visible, in context, fresh and dynamic. More importantly, you must choose the right display based on your business type.

You might have the best content, but the display might be your Achilles Heel. Here are some of the display options you should consider:

1. Television Screen

This is the most popular display options and can range between 32" to 70" plus. They can be used for a large variety of businesses from restaurants, retail stores, sport bars, trade fairs, business shows among others. They are more flexible and affordable than tablets and they are easy to install and update. They provide a better display than smaller screens, but are best for large spaces.

2. Tablets

If you have a small space, tablets are ideal to present your digital content. They vary in size and serve as both the player and the display. Take for instance if you have a product launch at your facility and the content is provided on tablets fixed throughout the floor. Customers will scroll and learn more about the products. The tablets you choose should support the software you are using.

They are best for table-top display or where you have connectivity is available. A good example is the Seoul Sausage food truck in Los AngelesCA,which has won awards due to innovativeness.

3. Computer Monitors

This is an economical option if you don’t have the resources to go for flat screens at your business. They are ideal as table top displays, but they need a player to function.

4. Kiosks

This is the latest digital signage display and it has now become a ubiquitous feature in malls. They are aesthetically appealing and will pull people into your business. Some kiosks come with an in-built media player.

5. Projectors

If you have a large space, you can turn an entire wall into a digital signage display. If you want large displays for your content,a projector is perfect and customers will be drawn to your wall. They are best for low light environments and the surface should not have any blemishes for optimal content display.

Go on and select one of these digital signage displays for your content to have the desired impact.

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