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3 Types of Layouts Used by a Website Designing Company

Author: Carlsen Baker
by Carlsen Baker
Posted: Nov 22, 2016
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Developing and designing a website isn’t a difficult task but making it deliver output can be tricky. There are many factors that decide the success of a website and one such factor is the web design layout. If the site lacks a good layout, it won’t make an impact even if you use best quality images and relevant content.

In order to attract the attention of web visitors, it is necessary to have a crafty site layout, coupled with some good visual elements. Only a reliable website designing company can give you a site that is designed with perfection. The company will ensure that the layout is perfect, helping you draw more visitors to the site.

The overall visual appeal of the website is decided by the layout. So what are the different types of web design layouts?

  1. Fixed design layout that is preferred by many web design companies. In this layout, the components of the site are packed in fixed widths or percentage widths. This means, no matter who views the site in any browser size, he/she will experience web design components in fixed widths. The width of the layout will remain the same even if the site is being viewed on different browsers. If the web user is seeing this layout on a large screen, he/she will get to see white space; however, when seeing in a small screen, the user will have to scroll horizontally for viewing web elements.
  2. The second type of layout is the fluid or liquid layout. In this layout, most web elements are incorporated in percentage widths. This makes it easy for the web visitors to see the site on different browsers in a similar manner. In fluid layout, the percentage width designed web elements adjust to the distinct screen size and fit to the screen of the user perfectly.
  3. Third in the list is elastic layout. It is basically a combination of two layouts (fluid and fixed). This is the layout adopted by most websites these days. It has gained popularity with the growth in number of mobile phones. In this layout, web elements are packed on the basis of em-based units. Em-based unit is a relative unit that is square of the font used in the site. Every time the screen resolution changes, the font size also adjusts accordingly. When this layout is used, the layout of the screen fits to different screen resolutions. It provides a clear and delightful web experience to the users.

When choosing a web design company or a mobile app development company, research is very important. You need to find the best team that is experienced in developing a site or a mobile app. Only an experienced web designer or app developer will be able to understand your vision and deliver quality work. Make sure you compare different service providers when making a final choice. Compare their rates and other factors to get a good team.

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Author: Carlsen Baker

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