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Top 4 Best Practices and Strategies for Test Automation

Author: Roberto Romello
by Roberto Romello
Posted: Nov 10, 2016

Automation of software testing involves the use of specific software to analyze the execution of tests. This includes comparison of the actual outcomes with the desired objectives. Test Automation helps in automating few of the repetitive but important tasks. Test automation therefore, facilities seamless continuous delivery and continuous testing.

  1. Selecting the right tool: Selection of the right tool for Test Automation can make all the difference between success and failure of Software Testing. However, tools by themselves don’t constitute the entire solution. They play a major role in improving the test process and the speed of testing. The right tools and the right resources can facilitate successful automation.
  2. Tool selection according to the application: The selection of tools for Test Automation should be best suited for the technologies on which the application is built. A thorough analysis of the technologies in an application can aid in the selection of the most appropriate tool and make future automation easier.
  3. Writing test cases manually: The practice of writing the test cases in manual form first helps in identifying the prerequisites of the test data and showcases the predicted outcomes for each step. This makes the objective of the test case clear with a lucid flow of navigation.
  4. Identifying opportunities in automation: If the task is to automate a manual test case, it is best to identify the opportunities in test automation to help in expanding the scope of the Test case.

Test Automation helps in reducing the time and costs involved in testing. It helps in eliminating redundant tests and facilitates efficiency, shorter test cycles and increased test coverage. It further enables improved quality control of the software product under test and optimization of resources. Test Automation also makes a reusable library of test assets available to the resources which can be very useful in quick execution of tests.

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Hey, I am Roberto Romello, Senior Test Manager working with Testree, an independent testing division of Nous Infosystems. I have a blended experience in manual and automation in the software testing industry.

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Author: Roberto Romello

Roberto Romello

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