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5 Etiquettes to Eat in An Authentic Chinese Restaurant

Author: Anna Fox
by Anna Fox
Posted: Jan 20, 2014

Have you ever experienced the atmosphere in an authentic Chinese restaurant? Come to China and enjoy the climate. The air inside a Chinese restaurant is hot and pulsating and that is just the way a local China resident likes it! The Chinese eating spot in the country is simple and not at all expensive. They do not enjoy expensive wine and a stylish candlelight dinner in a swanky restaurant. What matters to the people of the country is taste, taste and only taste.

While eating in a restaurant is affordable, it could also be a challenge to people who aren’t aware of a Chinese eating etiquettes. There are a few do’s and don’ts to remember when having a tasty Chinese food with some Chinese friend or colleague.

  1. One of the first things to do on the table is to drink tea. Make sure you pour tea for everyone with you and take the last cup for you. It is considered bad manners and selfishness in China, if you pour tea only in your cup and start taking the sips.
  2. Share the food with people with you. All the items will be served by the waiter in the restaurant. Make sure you offer the dishes first to your companion and at the end you take it. Even if you go to a self-serve place, choose to serve to your partner and at the last you eat.
  3. Always remember that in a typical Chinese restaurant there will always be a small plate, a small teacup, an empty bowl and your chopsticks. The plate on the table is for bones and grissle and any waste, while the cup is for tea.
  4. The first thing you should generally ask for is a pot of green tea and a large bowl to be brought to your table. This should be done without fail.
  5. If you want napkins in a Chinese restaurant, you should ask for them. A packet of tissue or a roll of toilet paper will be brought to your table. Remember, here the tissue and water is chargeable. You have to pay for both the items from your pocket.

Chinese Restaurants in China

There is an array of restaurants, from food stalls on the street to one table restaurant to three floor restaurants with private rooms. You can choose to dine in any of these restaurants as per your budget and preference.

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