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Learn Ways to write Essays with Ease!

Author: Vnaya Education
by Vnaya Education
Posted: Nov 18, 2016
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Writing essays is not an easy task, but it isn’t difficult either. A lot of kids while away their High School years with the thought that they cannot write because they are told so. But the situation is otherwise. They need to know the right way to do it and then the task would be, what they say, "easy-peasy’. Wanna know the way, here’s how!!

Some Quick ways to write essays with ease-

1. Pour out everything you know about the topic on a paper:

From the biggest to the tiniest information of your topic,make it on paper.Let the thoughts come and write them down in whatever way you like.No matter how stupid it appears,these are your thoughts.For instance,let us say we have ‘Should student textbooks be replaced with notebook computers?’This could create a lot of initial thoughts, Jot them down.

2. Look for More Information-

The next step is to look for more information to fill the loopholes. Scan the best textbooks, journals, encyclopedias.Google can help too!Equip yourself with all the information you need for the topic.Keep on adding until you see a rough draft.

3. Organize, organize and organize-

After all the information is ready,make it look good. Organize. Follow either the most trusted one,Pros and Cons, which involves writing the good things first, in two paragraphs and then the bad ones, the same way. Then end it with a conclusion you like. Continuing with the earlier example,write two paragraphs on how laptops are better and then on textbooks. In the end,go with what agree, whether laptops are better than textbooks or not?

4. The Whole picture comes this way -

Writing essays works with having components. Different elements combine together to form a polished essay and they always go by order:

Introduction: Make your introduction brief.Detailing is for paragraphs.Just write initial summed up thoughts of the topic like what does it mean,

1st paragraph: Start with neutral thoughts.Just discuss the topic in a genuine tone. Try the WH strategy:Why,When,Where,Who

2nd and 3rd Paragraphs: Now is the time to get started on the positive devices. Put everything constructive you about the topic in these paragraphs to your heart’s content.

4th and 5th paragraph: Here we start with words like but then again, nevertheless, however; as we start with negative stuff about the topic. Don’t go unenthusiastic completely. Make unbiased true statements about the theme. Use sentences like ‘This can lead to’ or ‘It can cause’.

The conclusion: Make sure the conclusion says what you really want to. Don’t go with what’s right. Go with your heart, End it by summing up all the thoughts expressed earlier. Make it crispy and yummy. It should be light enough to let the readers smile and eminent enough to leave them thinking.

Little helpers-

  • Always do some homework: Read some essays. Look at paragraphing. Get inspired! Don’t point it out.
  • Always remember not to make pointers when writing an essay. Paragraphs are the only thing possible.

So go there and shine by putting your pen to use. Happy Writing!

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