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How to Decide Where to Eat

Author: Sally Wilkinson
by Sally Wilkinson
Posted: Nov 21, 2016
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Everyone loves to eat. This is why it is so surprising that when it comes time to pick an eating establishment, no one can seem to decide where to go. The dreaded ‘what do you want to eat?’ ends up being parroted quite often. Even if you are by yourself, you sometimes find it difficult to pick a place to dine in. While this confusion is taking place, however, you find yourself getting hungrier and grumpier. The next time you find yourself in this situation, there are a few things that you can do to get through it:

Look Up the Best Places

Most times, it does not really matter where you eat as long as the food is good. Therefore, you should type in best restaurants Sydney, for instance to determine where you should dine. This way, you will get some idea of the best places to eat. You will also be able to read other people’s reviews. By conducting just a little bit of research, you might actually find yourself leaning towards one establishment more than the other. At the very least, you will be able to figure out the places that you really do not want to eat at. Since you were having so much of trouble in the beginning, this can actually be considered somewhat of a start.

Ask an Outside Party

Since everyone is having just a difficult time making a decision, you clearly need some help. You can do this by asking someone else if you are alone or going outside of the group if you are with others. If you want many different opinions, you can even post the debate on social media. You will certainly get some interesting responses then. As you will be asking those who are not stuck in a rut as you have become, they will find it a lot easier to offer up options. You can then go through these and decide which ones you like and which ones you don’t.

Make a List

If you are still feeling stuck, it is time to make a list. Here, what you can do is to make a list of all of the food that you – or the others – would like to eat. You may be able to find some sort of pattern here. For instance, it may turn out that a majority of the individuals want to eat steak or burgers more than anything else. When you are doing this, you are actually giving yourself and the group some sort of direction. Keep in mind that some people may have certain restrictions in their diet. By adding this, you may find yourself being even closer to making a proper decision.

Leave It to Chance

If you find yourself at the end of your tether, it is time to leave it up to chance. You can draw straws, pick names out of a hat, or even use a magic eight ball. Obviously, these are quite silly solutions but you may be surprised to find that they actually work. You should have a rule in place saying that one a restaurant has been chosen, it cannot be changed.

This is a problem that occurs quite often and now you have several solutions to overcome it!

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Sally is an enthusiastic blogger and marketing manager. She maintains keen interest in progress and development in the marketing and business space.

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