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5 Interesting Facts about Carpet Flooring

Author: Kaitlin Jhon
by Kaitlin Jhon
Posted: Nov 24, 2016
carpet flooring

For over 20 years, I have been using carpet flooring in my house and I am in love with this flooring option. In fact, carpets are trendy for many decades and we witness different carpet styles in different homes and commercial places. There are many Centreville carpet flooring & installation companies that can help us choose and install the different appealing carpets in our living areas. But, have you ever thought that what are the reasons for which people like to use carpets to cover their floors? In fact, there are many reasons which make carpet installation a great choice, when it comes to renew the look and feel of your old floors.

Here are the 5 most interesting facts about the carpets for which I personally like to install carpet in my living rooms:

1. Great Visuals at Low Rates

The first reason for which I personally prefer to choose carpet flooring in Centreville, VA is that they are aesthetically stunning. Alongside the aesthetics, they are interestingly available at the low rates. The cost of a high quality carpet will be very less than the other options such as hardwoods, tiles, or laminate flooring, etc.

2. Unlimited Style and Colors

Whenever I have to change the look and feel of my rooms, I choose different designs and patters of the carpets. Due to the fact that carpets have unlimited colors and styles, it allows me to easily choose a perfectly appealing carpet design to match the interior of my rooms. The choice is just limitless, when it comes to carpeting styles.

3. Carpets Provide Safety

I have kids in my house, so the chances of slip and fall are very high. Thanks to the thick and the soft layer of the carpets that minimizes the chances of falling and slips. Even if something is dropped on a carpet, like my Smartphone, then it won’t get the damage like it can on a hard surface like tiles or hardwood.

4. Modern Day Carpets are good for Health

Someone might say that the carpets are not good because they trap dust, allergens and the other containments. This was true, if we go back a decade or so. But, the modern day technology has resolved this issue, and now you can buy the best quality carpets that will trap such containments and they will not fly back in the air. Hence, latest carpets are also helping people in terms of better health.

5. Easy Installation

However, it is advised to hire professional installation services, but you can also get your new carpet installed on your own. It is far easier to install a carpet than the tiles or hardwood. Hence, if you have the basic tools and knowledge, then you can also install the carpets on your own, which will save you the installation cost. If you want to know the required tools and techniques to properly install a new carpet in your room, then you can also watch the online video tutorials on carpet installation. However, if you are not sure about the process, then you should opt for the professional installation.

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Author: Kaitlin Jhon

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