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The Functions Performed By Oil Country Lathe Machines india

Author: Shah Owis
by Shah Owis
Posted: Nov 28, 2016

A lathe machine is meant for shaping objects by cutting, sanding, drilling or formation with the tool by rotating the object on an axis. Usually an oil country lathe machines is used to give a shape to objects which have many parts. These objects can be feed service server, head stock, back gear lever, tool post, face plate, saddle, compound rest, clutch knob and half nut lever. Each part of a lathe machine is important and performs very complex functions. A person who operates a lathe machine is called a turner and the quality of the job completely depends on the turner.

Different types of lathe machines are used for wood work, metal work, glass work, metal spinning, shaping, ornamental turning, rotary and watchmaking. There is a specific function meant for every type of machine. For instance, a metal working lathe machine is used in a steel workshop whereas a wood working one will be used in a carpentry workshop. Different objects can be shaped with the help of a lathe machine. For instance, a solid round bar can be shaped into a bolt by making a specific thread. It can also be used for complicated drilling when a regular drill machine is not useful.

The other function performed by an lathe machine is boring which is used to make holes in an object. It uses sharp tools and can easily cut a hole of 6 inches. Generally two types of tools – M.S. cutting tool and diamond cutting tool – are used for cutting solid material. You can fine tune an object by using these two tools. The object used in the lathe machine to sharpen is an alloy which is quite hard. The concept of lathing is being used in civilization since 1300 BC.

Types of oil country lathe machine many variants of lathes within the metalworking, Example, a centering lathe is a dual head machine where the work remains fixed and the heads move towards the work piece and machine a point drill hole into each end.The term metal lathe may also be considered some what out dated these days, plastics & other composite materials are in full use and with appropriate modifications, the same principles and techniques may be applied to their machining as that used for metal.

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