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Mobile Phones and Driving

Author: Lei Jane
by Lei Jane
Posted: Jan 23, 2014
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It is a true fact that the cheap cell phones available today have become a large part in lives of human beings these days. All individuals across the globe seems to own a mobile phone as it helps in making everything more comfortable as well as convenient. The main issues which the people are facing when it is coming to consider the mobile phones in a negative way is the number of accidents caused by their use. More than two hundred and ten million individuals in United States of America use mobile phones as per the statistical reports of last year. All the individuals are depending on the cell phones on an increasing rate.

There are many car accidents that are related to the use of cheap cell phones. Therefore, it has become a necessity to decide if the convenience offered in totally worth it in a vehicle. The circumstances are common when vehicle drivers make use of mobile phones in vehicle. This creates basically two major issues. The first problem is that driver will have to takes the eyes off the road in order to dial the number on phone. The second problem is that the conversations in the mobile phones can be very absorbing one such that one can even lose the capacity to focus in driving. Both these are very dangerous problem. It will jeopardize the person’s safety inside as well as outside the vehicle. Major studies on problems

The study conducted in month of April 2006 can offer a small idea on the seriousness of the problem caused by use of cheap cell phones during driving. The report states that eighty percent of the car crashed was mainly due to absent mindedness of driver who didn’t pay proper attention to the situation just before the occurrence of accident. The very usual reason for the distractions caused is the mobile phones. Second largest distraction is the drowsiness. Many other distractions are there which include talking, putting on makeup, eating, attending to kids and more. The individuals who converse of the cell phones and drive simultaneously are almost four folds more probable to meet with the accidents which are very bad sufficiently to cause bad injury.

Here are the inferences of another study. It showed that the drivers that used the hands free cheap cell phones were in fact slower to brake by approximately eighteen percent. They took much more time in order to attain that speed back after the brake. The drivers who are using the hands free mobile phones cannot keep in mind seeing pedestrians, billboards and more by road. Therefore, as the cell phones used are hands free, it is never safe for use during driving. The drivers on phones will focus more on the conversations that makes mind off the street or road.

Several cities as well as states are constantly attempting to empower laws passed that can ban the use of cheap smart phones while driving. Some states in USA have passed the law already. The examples are Chicago, New Jersey, Connecticut, and more.

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