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Why Root Android Phone?

Author: Qinyh Qin
by Qinyh Qin
Posted: Jan 03, 2017
rooting android

If you have searched the topic about android online, you possibly read lots of articles or forums talking about rooting your android device. So here would like to share with you about what rooting is and the benefits of rooting androids and what you should prepare before you begin to

root android phone. So let us begin our discussion now.

What Is Rooting?

Rooting android is the procedure of permitting android users of smart tablets, devices and other phones performing in the android operating system to obtain control privileges over different android subsystems. Since android uses the Linux kernel, rooting an android phone offers similar access to super-user permissions. In other words, rooting run frequently with the aim of unlocking restrictions that the phone manufacturers and hardware carriers install or set. Therefore, through the process of rooting android phone, you can acquire the ability to alter or optimize systems, phone applications, or settings, run special apps or perform other operations that require administrator-level permissions. Besides, rooting could facilitate the whole replacement and removal of the android operating system, often with a latest version.

Rooting BenefitsRooting your android device have numerous advantages for you, including:

1. Freeing up memory

Rooting permit you to remove some installed apps to your SD card since usually you will install an application on your android device that may be stored on the device internal memory automatically.

2. Running special applications

Rooting allows you to run some special apps that require administrator privileges like the popular Facebook, Link-in, twitter and other social media applications. Moreover, some big games be installed or the bloatware can be removed with some root apps.

3. Custom ROM’s

This is the most critical and powerful feature of rooting android phones. Hence you can do lots of things to speed up on your phone or change the whole look and feel of your android device with hundreds of custom ROM’s.

What Should You Prepare Before Rooting Your Android?

Like in a major surgery, you should better do some preparations required before you start it. When you choose to begin the process, make sure that you back up all of the data and files on your android device. You could either use a third-party app or any other ways to get done. And it is critical to select an appropriate rooting app. You could check if your phone is applicable to the app and if there are other harms to your phone. Just try to choose a pure and simple root android phone app that will be more beneficial to you.

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