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FIFA 17 Big Events Market Crash Guide

Author: Young Lora
by Young Lora
Posted: Dec 22, 2016

As FIFA 17 FUT United and FIFA 17 Black Friday is upcoming, market crash has been happening in transfer market. It is a good time to make some FIFA coins if you know the FIFA 17 market crash well. In our FIFA 17 Market Crash guide, we will explain the how does the market crash work on FUT market and how should you use it to save and earn more FIFA coins.

Build a better and better team in FUT 17 is the impetus to play, for this you need to earn more and more fifa coins. The fastest and most effective way to earn coins is to do smart trade at the best time, which can help you save coins and make huge profit. And everytime Market Crash happen in FUT is the best time to do investment. Then, what is FIFA 17 Market Crash exactly?Read more FIFA 17 News on

When the Market Crash usually take place in FIFA 17?

It is impossible to predict the exact time every Market Crash occur in FIFA 17. But according to the experiences in previous FIFA versions, we can confirm some. Small crashes is usually caused by the events throughout the year such as FIFA 17 TOTW and FIFA 17 SBC releases. And there are some big events and promotion can bring huge market crash which affect the entire transfer market such as FIFA 17 FUT United, Black Friday, TOTY etc.

When to sell and buy?

Before a big promotion, there are always many gamers are asking when should I sell my players and when is the best to buy back my team? One thing you need to keep in mind: buy low, sell high. Below we are going to explain the FIFA 17 Market Crash of the main promotions in FUT, you will find out the best time to sell and buy.

FIFA 17 Halloween Market Crash

As FIFA 17 Halloween features some theme cards, special squad building challenges and other offers, the first event of FIFA 17 is extremely anticipated and is associated with the first big price drop in the game. The price goes down all on the first day and not increase significantly during the remaining days of the promotion.

FIFA 17 FUTmas Market Crash

FIFA 17 FUTmas is one of the biggest promotion in game. As everyone know which period it will take place but on one confirm the right day in advance, the prices keep be low after FUT United, reaching its minimum on the first day of the event. After the event starting, generally prices rise up during the 24th and 29th of december, you should step away from buying cards in this period. Just wait a few more days till the event ended, prices keeps going down again as TOTY is coming.

FIFA 17 TOTY/Winter Upgrade/TOTS Market Crash

There are pre market crash occur before this events release. Usually player prices should trend lower over the release but steadier than the effects of the previous events. But the prices of the players featured into TOTY/TOTS or get winter upgrade should increase some since their regular cards is no longer available in packs. If you have good idea about which players will be featured in this events at advance, you can so some wise investment during the TOTY/TOTS/Winter upgrade.

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