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What Does An Early Schooling Teacher Need To Know And Do?

Author: Petite School House
by Petite School House
Posted: Dec 22, 2016

Early learning centres are places where you send your young children to learn the first lessons of their lives in a very positive and interactive environment. Northridge child care centres employ teachers who are extremely well-equipped and learned to handle your children and teach them what they need to know. In this article, we shall discuss what a child care centre teacher needs to know and do so that the attending children get the most learning out of their pre-schooling hours.

The first thing a child care professional needs to be is a guide. The way little children understand things is different from the way older children do. Therefore, the teacher has to be willing to play the role of a guide in the activities that the children are given to do at the early learning centre. This role is essentially different from the role where the teacher leads a lesson. Here, the teacher hand-holds the children through it. The lessons are steered by the interests of the children, instead of the teacher telling them what to do and how to do it.

The second thing a teacher must understand is that children need to be given encouragement for doing the right things. These are the foundation years of a child, and the teachers must understand that habits inculcated now have a good chance to last forever. Behavioural, interactive and interpersonal character building should be done by the teachers through encouraging correct behaviour. Wrong behaviour and approach should be dealt with gently by guiding the children about the right behaviour.

The teachers at a child care centre need to understand and interpret what a child wishes to convey, and guide him on how to properly do it. Young children have a limited vocabulary, therefore, the teachers must familiarize themselves with the common words that children use for conveying something. They must also teach the children how to express themselves in a way adults can understand better. Doing all this makes an early schooling teacher a very good and patient listener.

The teachers also needed to have strong management skills. This is because of all the paperwork that they are required to handle. In addition to this, the teachers need to plan a curriculum for which organizational skills and foresight are very important. Young children have extremely strong comprehension capability, but to actually make them learn something requires brainstorming to plan out a suitable pedagogy.

The teacher also needs to be a deft caregiver who understands that young children can feel homesick. The teacher should be able to handle such children and help them blend in with others. He/she should be able to exercise some degree of control over the class in order to ensure that children are not being spoiled through pampering.

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