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Webdriver and its comparison with Selenium RC

Author: Mind Q Online
by Mind Q Online
Posted: Dec 27, 2016

Selenium webdriver:

It's web automation testing out framework that assists to execute assessments throughout numerous web browsers. Thus, it's far extra bendy and powerful framework to write web Selenium automation testing tools scripts. Selenium webdriver helps HTML Unit and Firefox with the aid of default and other browser including internet Explorer, Safari, Phantomjs, Opera and Chrome with extra element called as Driver Server.

Browser assists with the aid of Selenium webdriver:

Unlike Selenium IDE, webdrivers can be used to write tests the usage of diverse programming languages including Java,.Net, etc. With using programming language, we need now not to simply depend upon the in-constructed features when you consider that we will leverage programming language features together with conditional operations (if-else or transfer-case-default statements), looping (for-loop, while-loop), steady and variables declarations, and so on. Following are the programming languages that are supported by means of the webdrivers:







Consequently, pick out the programming language that you understand well even as working with Selenium webdriver.

Webdriver vs Selenium RC:

Selenium RC exists before Selenium webdriver lower back in 2006. Each has the common features given as follows.

  • Test scripts can be written in unique programming languages.
  • Tests may be executed throughout special web browsers.

Now the query must be, what's the real difference? To take into account that permit’s take a look at RC architecture.

Selenium RC (Remote-Control) Architecture:

Selenium RC is a testing out framework or tool that assists in writing automated internet application GUI tests in one of a kind programming language which includes JAVA,.NET, Perl, Python, etc. Against any HTTP website through JavaScript-enabled browser

  • A far off control server that launches and kills web browsers and behaves as a HTTP proxy for distinct internet requests from them
  • Customer libraries that supports exceptional programming languages.

Following points to be remembered about Selenium RC’s architecture

  • Before we can begin actual testing, we need to release separate software called Selenium remote control (RC) Server.
  • From the structure diagram, it's far clear that RC Server is a center layer between our commands and browser.
  • RC server injects a JavaScript program known as Selenium Core into the net browser whilst we cause the real web testing.
  • Through this injected JavaScript program, Selenium core receives commands through the RC Server from this system underneath take a look at.
  • Upon receiving the commands, Selenium center executes these commands as JavaScript command statements.
  • The browser receives the instructions from Selenium center and relays its response to the RC Server.
  • The use of the response obtained by the RC Server, the test results are displayed to the consumer.
  • Equal cycle is repeated training with the aid of training until entire test is finished.

Webdriver Architecture

Comparatively, webdriver architecture is easier than RC architecture as defined above.

Webdriver architecture has the subsequent parts.

  • Browser is managed with the aid of webdriver at operating system (OS) level not like RC Server.
  • We require programming language’s IDE that has test commands and a web browser to run the website.
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