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Learn why do many Students Fail Despite Studying hard for Exams

Author: Vnaya Education
by Vnaya Education
Posted: Dec 28, 2016
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Technically, Our education system tends to prepare students in a way that memorization and studying are synonymous. In higher education and k-12 classes, assessments focus on ideas and skills, which require practice and discussion at the same time, not rote memorization. Students are often unprepared for this kind of studying, so "studying hard" as they understand it becomes a fool's errand for them.

Sometimes it is partly because some students have no idea about what they're learning. They don't have a clear goal to move closer to and just seem that they have to "study hard", as I own the opinion that studying hard means you see a clear picture what and how you're gonna learn and then you spare no effort to get it. But those who fail the exam may just keep themselves in the library and tell everyone including themselves they've tried so hard hitting the books. They get nothing done actually.

Overestimation of effort:

Well this is the truth -The first and foremost reason is that they have not actually studied hard! Many who grumble about not getting the results their work merited are plain lying about the shift they've put in. Making enough time for a first time study + one revision for the entire exam portion in every subject, and then using that time as intended, is what is to be called 'working hard'. This is a core reality. It is something like an attempt to cram the entire semester/year portion in one night is brave but does not count as having done hard work.

During study:
  1. There's a rule of thumb that I personally picked up from video games: never play the same level too often. Once you've read a lesson once or twice, you should move on to the next one, no matter how much or how little you remember. If you go back in a pursuit to 'perfectly' learn the lesson, you're gonna get nowhere in the big picture. Trust me it won’t work.
  2. Mental state is important when studying. Even if you are just a last-nighter and not a hard worker, there's a way to get things done. Don't think about the size of the task at hand, ever. Forget that the exam is how many ever days away. Be relaxed and focussed. If you start letting the size of the task get to you, you can't do it. This is easier said than done for most people, but it does work.
In-exam factors:

There are people who do the background work perfectly but just fall to pieces when push comes to shove. This is a common phenomenon in all walks of life, not just exams. Lionel Messi has days when the ball just won't go in, Casillas has phases when he's leaking soft goals. These things happen for real.

Choking is mainly a psychological thing as far as exams go. Most of the time, this happens in the first minute after reading the questions on the paper. Some people's confidence gets shot to pieces if the paper is more difficult than they thought they'd find it, and it's game over there.

A good way to avoid it is to believe in yourself and stay calm right to the end. If you've done the hard work and the questions still seem difficult for you, calm down, tell yourself it's the same or even worse for everybody else, and just give it your all, crack every question you can. If you let yourself get psychologically overwhelmed if the difficulty of the paper is above your expectation, you won't even do the simple ones right.

The Good news-

The good news is that it’s not too late to salvage your grades with a little bit of commitment that is combined with some personalized instruction from a professional Tutor.

Here the online tutor or online tutoring plays a big role- all you need is, there's a tiny extra step that you can take to start scoring better grades on your exams, papers, assignments, and in classes overall: You should start spending time in a one-on-one setting with someone who is an expert in the area in which you need help.

Choose Online tutoring for your end moment preparation or demo the online classroom and see if it can work for you (which I am sure will).

Online tutoring can also accomplish a number of things that can’t be done in person, For instance- you can save interactive session recordings to be re-watched later or exchange documents for reference and further studies while the tutoring session is in progress.

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