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European Scissor Auto Lifts – A Vital Piece of Equipment for Mechanics

Author: Bowlin Enterprises
by Bowlin Enterprises
Posted: Dec 28, 2016

Scissor auto lifts are machines that use hydraulic technology to lift a vehicle off the ground for storage purpose or for working underneath. The name itself shows that the design of these lifts looks like scissors. It has been observed that almost all garages along with auto repair centers have at least one lift for their service purposes. Most of the car service centers have more than one lifts in their service bay. These machines use a scissor-like mechanism to raise and lower a car for repairing needs. This kind of material handling operators moves in the vertical plane and their shape looks like an X shaped pattern.

Before going to auto scissors lifts European models, let’s have a quick look at some of the styles of automotive lifts available in the market. This will probably help the service providers and mechanics in their business.

Different styles of car lifts:

  • Hydraulic car lifts
  • Scissor lifts
  • Post style auto lifts
  • Mechanical and in-ground lifts
  • Some other specific models

Hydraulic lifts are often used by mechanics who lift cars frequently. In these models, a specific liquid is run through cylinders and pumps to utilize the power of hydraulics for raising and lowering a car. Similarly, two-post lifts are often used in home garages for handling different styles and sizes of vehicle. Mechanical and in-ground lifts are more or less similar to hydraulic styles. This style of lift needs screws, locks, bolts and wrenches to lift a car. There are some other specific models available for the indoor storage of multiple vehicles. So, it’s clear that these lifts are highly essential for a service provider to handle cars safely while servicing or storing.

Scissor lifts:

Now, the most important part is Scissor lifts. Their structure makes them an ideal lift for automotive service businesses, mechanics, and garages. These models require a bit more space than other lifts and provide more space to work in the centers of undercarriages. Scissor models are convenient for cars, mini buses, and other such larger vehicles.

Types of scissor lifts:

Surprisingly, scissor lifts are available in different varieties including, containers, vehicle dock, pallet trailers, table lifts, etc.

Automotive scissor lifts for cars:

Today, only a few online retailers are able to offer a range of high quality automotive scissor lifts made in the USA, Italy, and Germany. Top of the car line scissor lifts include, Werther Stratos SR/M Lift Extra-low-profile hydraulic scissor lift, Werther Stratos S39 Lift Electro-hydraulic recessed car scissor lift, Werther Saturnus 45 Electro-hydraulic scissor lift for automotives, Werther Saturnus 50 Electro-hydraulic scissor lift, Nuusbaum Uni Lift 8000 Hydraulic scissor lifts for transporter and light truck, MAHA Omer Heavy-Duty Karlift, etc.

Normally, automotive lifts are used in auto repair facilities; there are also a number of automotive lifts that are associated with manufacturing establishments. Some households also use scissor lifts around their home, but auto two post lifts European models are a popular choice for them, because they use a small amount of space.

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