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What is a Scissor Lift? Scissor Lift Uses

Author: Vijay Tarak
by Vijay Tarak
Posted: Nov 24, 2019

Scissor lift manufacturer, Nihva offers the highest quality scissor lifts with all safety features. Scissor lifts are work platforms for moving workers vertically and safely into various areas in a variety of businesses, including construction, retail, manufacturing, and the like.

Scissor lifts are well known in that the lifting platform is basically used to lift an individual up, and its criss-crossing foundation is supported below the platform. In this way, there are many advantages to hiring a scissor platform in work and on a construction site. Nihva is the best scissor lift manufacturer in Pune, offering scissor lifts for a variety of purposes. Nihva offers you the best range of scissor lifts and delivers efficient and timely delivery.

Our scissor lifts are made of high-grade materials, and we make these lifts durable enough to enhance the heavy load of the platforms provided. In addition, we provide repair services for scissor lifts according to customer needs.

Electric vehicles with a platform with rails that can be lifted straight are known as scissor lifts. The cross metal support, which extends as the platform rises, is the basic function of the scissor lift that visually distinguishes it from other equipment used to work at heights. Scissor lifts allow workers to work high above the ground without worrying about the balance they have to exercise when using a ladder.

One of the basic safety rules prohibits users of platform and scissor lifts from moving the machine with the platform up. Nihva is one of the best company of scissor lift manufacturers in pune who provides scissor lift at affordable price.

Scissor Lift Uses

Scissor lifts are mainly used to reach high places. Mainly Scissor Lift Uses in warehouse, logistics, construction and many other industries. Scissor lifts vary in size, application, and fuel type.

Load / unloadWorking platformMove the product to a different floorAutomation of the manufacturing processTransport heavy machinery from one point to anotherDelivery of materials for stacking and palletizingMaterial movement at machine height and conveyor processingPositioning work for assembly, maintenance and processingCompact size, height range, and ability to reach height without permanent scaffoldingCan be used for work in high placesUsed for material handling when the product is lifted

Types of Scissor Lifts

1. Hydraulic

The hydraulic scissor lift is driven by a manual or engine driven hydraulic system. Changes in the pressure of the hydraulic fluid in the machine help to operate the lift and move the platform up and down. The hydraulic scissor lift is relatively easy to operate, so the user needs a lot of training and can easily choose when the lift is needed.

2. Electric

The electric scissor lift is another popular aerial work vehicle. Instead of burning fuel, the electric scissor lift has a quiet power drive. Electric scissor lifts do not emit smoke or noise, providing a cleaner solution for indoor spaces that are often poorly ventilated. These machines are less bulky than diesel machines and are ideal for tight spaces.

3. Pneumatic

The pneumatic scissor lift uses air pressure as the lift mechanism. Compared to traditional lifts, this lift does not release harmful smoke or by-products into the environment, making it a more sustainable option for companies that want to minimize their carbon footprint.

4. Mechanical LiftsMechanical scissor lifts can be extended via rack and pinion systems or electric screws, both of which can convert rotational motion. All electric lifts are mechanical. The advantage of a mechanical lift is that the gear system teeth essentially prevent slipping.

Nihva Technology are providing scissor lifts at best prices in india.

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