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Top 4 Main Perks of Opting for VA Loans in Houston

Author: Clear Lending
by Clear Lending
Posted: Jan 02, 2017

"Are you wondering how VA loans can benefit you? Read the article to know more."

If you are planning to make your dream home and arranging for the loan, then it is the high time you get the knowledge for the suitable loan programs for you. Building a home of your own is surely a dreamy affair. But in reality, you have to go through many daunting and complex experiences to make it successful. One of them is surely getting the best loan program that suits your requirements.

Now, when you are thinking of getting such a program then let me tell you some important things. At Clear Lending ( I meet many clients every day who are not sure themselves what program will suit them. So, for any potential borrower, it is necessary and wise to consult their loan officer at least for once before opting for any loan program.

Now, if you have low credit score but you are a veteran and have just retired from army, it is possible for you to get the benefits of a special loan program. In fact, if you are a surviving spouse, you will be able to get the loan too for your home. Yes, you will get many benefits of choosing VA lenders for low credit scores in Texas. What are the benefits? Take a look at the following points to know.

No Down Payment

For any loan program, it is a traditional rule of making some down payment. Now, we completely understand that it is difficult for you to build credit, as well as to save money for down payment, especially when you are on the move. In the case of FHA loans, the minimum down payment has to be 3.5% of the amount. However, in the case of VA loans, there is no need to prepare for any down payment.

Relaxed Credit Requirements

We all know how crucial the consideration of the credit score is when you are applying for home loan. A credit score is often a deciding factor when you are applying for home loans. But, when you are constantly on the move during your period of employment, it is really tough for you to take care of your credit score. So, it is needless to say, if you opt for a conventional loan, your required credit score will never meet the desired level. That is why VA loans can be beneficial for you as the lenders consider you for low credit rates.

Competitive Interest Rates

When you are looking for a best mortgage lender in Houston, I can assure you that VA loans are the best loan program for you. It is because VA backs each VA loan with guaranty. So, the financial institutions carry lesser risk. So, they can easily offer the interest 0.5 to 1 percent lower than the conventional interest rates.

No Private Mortgage Insurance

For conventional loan, often, the lenders ask for PMI if the borrower fails to pay 20% of the loan amount. But, it is surely a tough thing for any veteran borrower. So, VA loans don’t require any PMI from the borrower.

Now, as you know about the benefits find a provider of VA and lowest JUMBO rates in Houston and build your dream house.

Author Bio:

Joan Gallardo is a famous loan officer in Houston. He is associated with VA lenders for low credit scores in Texas. He has immense experience of providing Lowest JUMBO rates in Houston. Read his article to know more about Best Mortgage Lender in Houston.

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Joan Gallardo is a Senior Loan Officer with more than 18 years of experience in the industry. He also advices them on finding VA lenders for low credit scores in Texas.

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