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Efficient Industrial Air Cooling Systems For Improved Efficiency In Indian Industries

Author: Kv Gopalakrishnan
by Kv Gopalakrishnan
Posted: Jan 16, 2017

India is rapidly becoming one of the leading industrialised countries in the world today. Its vast deposits of varied natural resources and immense pool of local skilled and unskilled workers have been some of the main factors that have helped India become one of the top investment destinations for multinational corporations.

The growing industrialization also has several damaging effects on the environment, and increasingly tightening industrial environmental regulations are increasing the demand for comprehensive and sustainable industrial solutions. Indian industries are always in need for better and improved industrial air conditioner systems to improve their energy-efficiency levels and decrease their carbon footprint in the surroundings.

Hmx (a business unit of A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited), has been providing the most advanced industrial air cooling systems to the industrial sector in the country for many years now.

Innovative industrial air cooling systems

A.T.E. group has been leading innovation in providing sustainable and efficient industrial solutions to the Indian industry. HMX (a part of the A.T.E. group) has been leading innovation in providing the best and most efficient industrial air cooling systems for better sustainability of the industries in India.

These are some of the top industrial air conditioner systems that are provided by the company in India:

HMX-IEC: Indirect Evaporative Cooling

The HMX-IEC manufactured by HMX, is the latest smart technology for industrial cooling. It uses the HMX's DAMA heat exchanger module to provide complete clean, cooled, fresh air. The HMX-IEC is designed to provide cooling for large-spaces, such as those found in industries and commercial establishments.

HMX-PCU-F: Efficient pre-cooling unit for industrial purposes

The HMX-PCU-F is a industrial air conditioner system that is designed to work in conjunction with an existing air conditioning system and provide efficient air cooling for better energy conservation. This advanced cooling system has an IEC unit which initiates the cooling process and then switches to the AC coil system for sustained and longer cooling but with less energy consumption. This innovative system can be integrated with all types of large-scale chiller installations and AHUs as well.

HMX-FAAC: Combination of IEC/DEC technology and air conditioning

The HMX-FAAC is an intelligent industrial air cooling system with a wide variety of features and functions. This highly-versatile air conditioning system is ideal for use in all seasons and conditions. There are 6 different cooling settings for enabling cooling according to the surrounding or the requirement.

These are the various cooling modes in the HMX-FAAC cooling unit:

  1. Ventilation mode – Allows regular circulation of fresh and cool air.
  2. Indirect evaporative cooling (IEC) mode – DAMA module only for sensible heat exchange without the addition of moisture
  3. Ambiator mode – IEC and DEC (direct evaporative cooling) modes
  4. Fresh air pre-cooling mode – DAMA (for sensible heat exchange) with AC
  5. cooling coil for better cooling solutions – which is ideal for humid conditions
  6. Air conditioner mode – cooling coil with re-circulated air to cool the surrounding space faster.
  7. Heating + humidification mode – This advanced mode allows for use of a cooling pad combined with a heating coil (optional) using re-circulated air.

These industrial air cooling systems by A.T.E. Group have become the top choice of leading Indian industrial players to get the most reliable and cost-effective industrial energy-efficiency solutions.

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