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Chinese Interior Design for the Non-Chinese You

Author: Nancy Dewitt
by Nancy Dewitt
Posted: Jan 27, 2014

China is no less than one of the biggest countries in the whole world. It used to be called the Middle Country a long, long time ago; as it spanned over five time zones. With such a big nation and unique geography; it is no longer a surprise that their way of life is different in each of their regions. Add to this the fact that the nation has been inhabited by varying ethnic groups in the past.

If you have not yet noticed, what is prominent is China are definitely mythology and spirituality. The two would even fuse at times. When you take a peek at Oriental homes, you will immediately notice their opulence and uniqueness.

You may think that Chinese Interior Design is easy to reconstruct but only a handful of people have a deep understanding to arrange aspects needed in putting up this design.

For thousands of years now, Chinese interior design lies on the principles of fundamentalism, energy and Mother Nature. These people try to achieve peace and serenity and their surroundings. But if you have to use this type of design in your own home, never forget to put a touch of your taste into it.

Chinese Design Explained

Simplicity is at the very top of the fundamental principles that are observed in Chinese interior design. It is wrong to fill a room with common and cheap d├ęcor. What you need to learn is how to place valuable objects in a room without distracting the guests from the actual theme.

Just use some focal points so that the rooms retain their roominess, proper illumination and simplicity. Use a lot of screens when you want to achieve the Chinese interior design. These are not just decorative materials but are also functional. They can be used to create divisions so as to achieve a certain level of privacy inside the home.

Years ago, such frames were made using light materials. They have a latticework grid for the paper or fabric. Several other materials are now also used for the said frames an example is bamboo.

Such a screen can also be used as a foldable panel which can fit in different areas inside the home. This is an affordable way to add an Asian touch in your place.

Do Not Forget Feng Shui

No Chinese interior design is considered authentic till it is based in Feng Shui. This is the so-called ancient tradition of arranging elements in a space to achieve harmony. This is considered as a spiritual discipline that is also being used in many modern architecture techniques.

Feng shui colors, objects, furnishings and the interior design in general; are carefully chosen by an expert. Arranging these stuff is known to bring about luck in finances, health and love. There are now a lot of feng shui consultants who can analyze the surroundings of your home and eventually determine the steps needed in enriching the environment.

Feng shui can now be used even by modern homes. The most basic rule is to keep all pathways and doors unblocked; this is so the Qi (pronounced chi) can freely flow inside your home.

When using feng shui in the bedroom, make sure to invest in the most comfortable furniture pieces. Remember that this is supposed to be a place for relaxation so carefully choose your furniture and accessories.

Chinese Accents Added

To tone down the divider screens, use Chinese pottery or paintings. This is also a great way to showcase the exotic culture and skills of these people. Use very little furniture but make sure that they have ornate Chinese designs. Though used sparingly, these can be used as accents as they have their exotic beauty to show anyway.

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Author: Nancy Dewitt

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