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Pop-up tech support scams on the rise

Author: Newlite Technical Services
by Newlite Technical Services
Posted: Jan 17, 2017

Pop-ups have always been known for their both positive as well as negative aspects and this is the reason why pop-ups have been a major point of discussion in IT world. Positive aspects include points such as marketing strategies, SEO campaigns while negative aspects will include points like the intrusion from third parties and fake e-mail links.

General Problems

  • Pop-ups mainly give rise to problems such as hanging of operating system or infecting the systems. These will disrupt the working experience of the users and hence will leave them with no option other than
computer repairs. And these problems nowadays have been on rise in new reports and scams.
  • What actually happens is that whenever any user enters a particular website his technical support for the website is disrupted very smartly i.e., he will get links which will be quite similar to the one that user is focused on. And as soon as the user clicks on the link it redirects the user to a windows resulting in system being hacked.
  • Another reason why computer repair may be needed is the availability of fake telephone numbers. What actually happens is that there will be a fake telephone number displayed on the user’s screen for providing technical support or pc support to user. And with this there will be an appearance of multiple pop-ups. Due to which the user gets insisted to try the fake telephone number and this is how the user and the system gets hacked.
  • This is further followed by different problems like telephone calls connected to hacker providing fake pc support. This is where the user needs real Laptop repair assistance. So, these are some of the general problems which arise for the user as well as Laptops resulting in the need of Laptop repairs.

The reason why these kinds of news and scams have been in talks is the increased practice of such hacking's. Not only these but also some issues such as audio voices being heard in loops and that too without any such information on the screens. Also these poor websites have bad security systems so they are very much tough to shut down and hence prove out to be dangerous for the users. Fix my Computer option in the systems can be very much crucial at such moments as Fix my Computer option provides assistance in the times of system crisis.

Pop-up tech support scams have been increasing and this is all due to the increasing hacking practice or the unethical hacking. This gives rise to the scope of Ethical hacking in IT sector. So, with the increased practice of hacking there has been an increase of ethical jobs in IT world.

Newlite Technical services have been an ideal support for the users facing such pop-up technical support scams and if you face any of such problems then you can always feel free to contact us. We will provide you the best help and improve your working experience every time you seek help from us.

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