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Give your Laptop or desktop to repair center not best way.

Author: Anuj Tyagi
by Anuj Tyagi
Posted: Jan 18, 2017
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If you're not a laptop and Desktop technician, you most likely would take a problematic computer or laptop to a repair center to get it analyzed. However, that's not always the best and safety solution.There has been a chance to hack your personal data or files. With that in mind, I'll give you some ideas on how to speed up your laptops or Desktops computer at home.

How a repair center hack your data.Before technicians run the PC Health Check, they ask the client to describe what they are bearing with their laptops or Desktops. There are four options to choose from.

1. Slow speeds2. Random shut downs3. Pop-up problems4. Virus warnings

If the client says they are bearing any of these four problems, the technicians checks a box located in the PC Health Check next to the corresponding issue. It turns out that if any of these boxes are checked, the software automatically reports that the PC is showing symptoms of malware.

This means the test results are fixed and the client is considered to fee for a repair.That is just one of the latest technicians hacking process, there are others. Before taking your computer to a repair shop, there are steps you can take to try and speed up your PC yourself.

  1. RESTART YOUR COMPUTER OR LAPTOPS REGULARLYConsistently the effortless action can get the job done. As simple as it suggest, restarting your laptop and Desktop at least once a week and it does admiration for your pc or system. It smooth out the RAM. Restarting computers or laptops may be a bicker consistently but it might be the only way you'll need to speed up an abnormally slow laptop or desktops.

Update up your laptop's Windows can help speed things up because Operating memory is used every time when Windows is started. If you have large files on your Desktop, they could be utilizing large space of operating memory and it will cause for slow speed of your laptops and desktops because there is less available memory. That can swamp your system down as information gets swapped out from operating memory to the hard drive.One best solution is put them files in the My Documents folder and clear your Desktop.


Most of the time, we have install many non useful applications and forgotten about them. These installed applications still occupy hard drive space and may even have temporary files and folders. They could even be running in the background, sucking out memory and resources so instantly track them applications and uninstall them.


Another thing that could be slowing your laptop's and Desktop's speed down is a fragmentation of hard disk. This will make your system slower by taking more time to find the resources that it needs. De- Fragmentation your hard disk will make it more efficient by rearranging the data.

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