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5 Reasons You Should Never Carry the Handgun Openly

Author: Lisa Megan
by Lisa Megan
Posted: Jan 20, 2017
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Have you heard about the 2nd Amendment? If you have then you would be aware that carrying a gun openly legitimately is not the right choice to make. It's better to keep it in a concealed carry handbag or purse. This will provide the safety to you and the one around you. There are numerous people who are not in a favor of carrying the gun openly but a minority speaks in the favor. Well, this can be the matter of discussion but today we have some valid reason that will spotlight why it is not safe to carry a handgun openly:

Intimidating: The desire of living in a peaceful society can only be assumed when each and every citizen of it feels no fear. But do you know that carrying a handgun can leave a wave of fear in their mind? People around you will not aware that what kind of consequences you are going through and what is the purpose behind your presence at that spot.

This will clearly make them fearful, it might be possible you have your clear intentions but for them, they are not sure. Hence, you might end up in jail even though your mind was not up to creating any sort of mishappenings.

Potentially Dangerous: Just assume you have popped in a convenient store to procure an item. Along with you, there are numerous people available to get something as per their requirement. We can't judge anyone until unless physically they don't do anything.

Seeing a gun openly might give an advantage to the bugler to create a scene or to a mentally distorted person to fire unintentionally. So this means carrying a gun without concealed carry bag will put you and others around you in potential danger.

Decreases the gun's life: Are you aware that your gun has a valid time period to perform in a better way? On an Average, a well-protected handgun can be used wisely for 5 years without any trouble. And by simply carrying it openly you are decreasing it randomly because a gun gets touched by the different surfaces throughout the day.

Drawing Attention: Unnecessarily you are giving a reason to draw the attention of other to you, if, you are carrying a gun openly. First, it is not safe at all and second, You might end up with unwanted consequences which you never expected.

Unsafe: There might be a chance you have forgot to unlock your licensed handgun and tuck in your trouser. As you move along, the possibility is that while standing you might have to bend down to pick something from the ground and in such scenario, chances are higher that a gun can be triggered automatically.

It's better to procure a concealed carry handbag instead of putting a life on a risk because nothing is more important than that.

Bottom Line: The reasons we have provided, gives you the brief idea of why the guns carrying openly is not safe? Nothing is more important than peace and practicing the things in a secure and safe manner.

About the Author

Lisa Megan is working as a senior sales manager at Freedom & Company, which offers a wide range of self defense products to consumers.

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  • dillbagner  -  4 years ago

    "chances are higher that a gun can be triggered automatically. " This sort of thing doesn't happen. Modern firearms to do not go off "automatically" whether you are bending over or not. The only really valid point in this "article" is the part about drawing attention.

Author: Lisa Megan

Lisa Megan

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