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Body Piercing: Top Places To Get Pierced

Author: Aabstyle Jewelry
by Aabstyle Jewelry
Posted: Jan 29, 2014
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Body piercing is becoming the hottest trend across the globe. Fashion conscious men and women want to look opulent using piercing. There are a variety of piercing options available in the market however; it is vital to choose the piercing jewelry matching your style.

So, which are the most pierced places on the body?

1. Facial Piercing

Facial piercing is one of the prominent ways to promote your style. Decide the place on your face, where you wish to get pierced. It can be eyebrow jewelry piercing, lip piercing, a "Monroe" or a "Labret". Some others also go for tongue piercing (painful in most cases).

While deciding to pierce a particular face part, make sure that you do it safely and consult a doctor if you are having skin allergies. Also, make sure that the facial piercing is done in professional environment using hygienic equipments. Many piercers use guns to pierce body parts and this can sometimes create infection and become life threatening in extreme cases.

While choosing a piercing jewelry, make sure that it is procured from leading retailer like AAB style. Jewelry retailers like AAB have a wide-range of eyebrow jewelry, ear piercing and lip piercing jewelry.

2. Ear Piercing

Evolved with time, this ancient method of piercing is still hot and popular among teens and adults. Some of the USA’s leading retailers only supply ear piercing to meet the demand of teens all around the USA. Lobe area in the ear might be commonly preferred for piercing. Sometimes people may have a second or third hole pierced on the lobe next to the first one.

If you are considering piercing your tragus (the cartilage found immediately in front of the ear canal.), make sure you are prepared for the pain. Moreover, it might also create a discomfort when you wear headphones or ear buds. Some people go for anti-tragus piercing to reduce the discomfort and pain.

If you are considering helix or daith piercing, in this case make sure that the piercer keeps a good margin between your head and ear while piercing. A combination of ear piercing and nose piercing jewelry or any other facial piercing might be a good option to evaluate.

3. Body Piercing

Find out and research on the kind of body piercing jewelry you wish to buy. Naval piercing is one of the common piercing places for women. Secondly, nipple piercing is also gaining popularity. Both men and women can go for such a piercing option however, mothers indulged in breast feeding should take special care, if pierced during pregnancy.

You can also think about other body surface piercings, such as the hips, nape of the neck, or the wrist. If you are considering genital piercing, take extra care and do make sure that you consult a doctor if you are on medicines as genital piercing can increase the risk of bleeding during medication.

Combine a variety of piercing options right from nose piercing jewelry to the genitals and anything in that range, but make sure you play safe and at the same time show your best style.

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