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Top 11 Cartilage Piercing Styles

Author: Nikki Singh
by Nikki Singh
Posted: Aug 31, 2017
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Now it has become a trend to wear swanky jewelry on the body. Cartilage piercing is immensely popular, especially among the young lasses. This is mostly done on nose and ears to highlight these areas with a studded stone or a ring. This body art is now high in demand but before you go for it, you must know some basic things. There are several types of ear cartilage piercings that can significantly change your personality and attitude. Check out the latest trend to don an impressive look.

Upper lobe piercing:

This is considerably a simple form of art which is commonly found among the fashionable women. There’s a small flap of cartilage present just above the lobe. Many stylish women adore this less painful piercing and put a dazzling stud or ring to look attractive.

Helix piercing:

If you are ready to get a rock star look, helix piercing must be ideal for you. This fashion was launched in the late 90s and still, it is followed by teenagers who are passionate about hard rock music. This painful piercing is done by a gun.

Auricle piercing:

This fashionable piercing is done at the middle portion of the out rim of the ear. It is a painful piercing as the auricle is loaded with nerves. However, it gives a distinctive look if you use a silver ring with a chain.

Conch piercing:

This is something rare as it is extremely painful. It involves perforation of inner ear cartilage. However, outer conch piercing has now become a trend and many teenagers show their love for it. A sparkling stud looks good on both inner and outer conch piercing.

Industrial piercing:

While talking about the trend, how can anyone miss out the industrial piercing? It offers a cool and chic look which is adored by many women of this generation. You have to go for two perforations if you want to get an industrial piercing. Usually, an arrow-shaped earring is used for this stylish piercing.

Rook piercing:

This is highly a technical piercing that is done on two cartilages. The painful art demands great precision as it involves perforation on the fold of the upper inner ear. Although it is a bit risky but it adds an extra charm to your look when it is bedecked with dazzling studs.

Tragus piercing:

For this type of piercing, you have to face the pinch of the needle in the outer part of your ear that faces the inner side of your face. Add pretty gems to look stunning.

Daith piercing:

The ring will pass through the ear’s innermost cartilage fold if you go for the daith piercing. Although it looks a bit horrible but you will not scream once the job is done. This style is somewhat similar to tragus piercing but certainly not as complicated as tragus.

Ear weaving piercing:

One of the most preferred styles is ear weaving piercing for today’s fashionistas. It involves multiple piercings which are connected to each other with a single piece of jewelry. Normally, the spiral shaped jewelry is used for this piercing that offers an appealing look.

Besides ear cartilage piercing, there are several types of nostril piercing. Followings are some hot trends that you can consider for yourself.

Nose tip:

This typical piercing is made on the nostril and ends up at the tip of your nose.


Both the nostrils will have to be pierced if you opt for nasallang. This painful piercing is normally connected by one barbell.

So, whatever cartilage piercing, you love to try, make sure that you can bear the pain. Everything looks amazing when you are ready to sport it confidently.

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