Things You Look In An Immigration Lawyer If You Are Planning To Study In USA

Author: Alexis Watson
by Alexis Watson
Posted: Feb 01, 2017

A lot of students from different countries travel to United States for studying in US based university and schools. US government also makes specific provision for immigrant student visiting their country as for them it one of the highest source of revenue. Though the process is not that cumbersome but to get the process done smoothly and so that the chances of that it doesn’t get disapproved by the authorities please make sure that you hire a US student immigration lawyer.

A US Student immigration lawyer is one who specializes in student related visa application. Though you can get visa help from career counselors who are promoting US education but from the legal angle taking the help of a lawyer makes the process smoother. Your US Student immigration lawyer should be first able to guide you in understanding which particular student visa you should apply for. There are two forms student visa statuses which can help you fulfill studying in US dream. They are F1 Student Visa USA and M1 student visa.

F1 is the most common form of student visa. If you wish to engage in academic studies in United States at an approved school accredited by US College or university then this form of visa is most effective.F1 visa is generally applicable for students who need to attend study sessions for more than 18 hrs a week. On the other hand the other form of visa meant for students who want to engage in non academic or vocational or industrial training in US should apply for another form of Student visa called the M1 visa. For applying from any form of visa once you are selected for a particular course or college you need to ask you college or school to send you written confirmation regarding the same and which would act as the base for applying for visa.

As said earlier how much US student visa attorney is important for the process the same applies to selection of the attorney also. The immigration lawyer should take suitable and personal care during the process of approval so that the chances of rejection are reduced. The lawyer connection US and the country’s Education foundation is important because the body plays an important role in the process. As the application is a four step process before the visa is issued so your lawyer should also have the capability of helping you in all the steps.. if want to do it yourself you can reach out a New York Immigration Attorney for help.

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