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How Can I Speed Up My Android with Purify App?

Author: Scatter Chen
by Scatter Chen
Posted: Feb 03, 2017
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An Android device is only worth having if it is fast in its operation. Does that mean that you have to throw away your old phone and replace it with a new one? The simple answer is no; because the new phone will also start slowing soon. The better solution is to download the Purify app. This is an application developed by General Smart Development Limited and will help you do more than speed up android phones.

Normally, there are many applications that run in the background even when they are not in use. These are applications like dialer, music, VPN and many others all of which keep restarting themselves in the background. These are responsible for slowing the phone down and using up the battery so it is depleted fast. What this app does is block these apps and keep them from restarting all the time. This way, when you really close an app then it is closed.

With no applications running in the background, you will find that your phone’s memory is at its optimum at all times and will open applications and run them much faster. With the speed up android device you can now enjoy all applications including gaming without the annoying hanging here and there.

Other than speeding up the device, the Purify app also increases the battery life of the android device. When the phone is on standby no battery life is being consumed and so it lasts longer. A battery that does not drain fast does not need frequent recharges which mean that the battery will serve you for a much longer time. This application will also help you manage your notifications better.

There really is nothing to lose by using Purify but a lot to gain. Just download the apk free of charge from the Playstore and install it on your device. However, be sure to root your device first as Purify only works on rooted devices.The purify app also helps your phone’s battery life. By removing bloatwares, the battery lasts longer. Battery life is a huge problem with today’s smartphones, especially when it comes to android devices. That’s why the purify app does not only speed up your android phone, it makes it last longer, making it the ultimate app for making you phone run as smoothly as possible. To use Purify, you have to make sure it has ROOT access. If your phone isn’t rooted it’s extremely important to make it rooted before you run the app.

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