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The changing face of identity theft

Author: Bonny Jones
by Bonny Jones
Posted: Feb 15, 2017
identity theft

Identity is a crucial element to everyone today. Whether online or offline, identity is helping everyone in making life easy.

Identity theft is one of fastest growing crimes today. With increase in use of internet and its technologies, identity as key element cannot be neglected.

In previous days identities only consist of username and password but today it is more than that. Today an identity is associated with lot of other elements. Lots of data is associated today with a single identity, which can be used in many ways.

There are different types of identity thefts happening today. Some are:

Personal: It generally involves SSN number which is linked from credit card reports and is easy to obtain. It is used to obtain employment details, tax history and obtain other benefits associated with a SSN number.

It is also used to impersonate a person and commit serious crimes or indulge a person in a crime which they have not done.

Business: It is stealing an identity to open corporate accounts, Impersonate a business to customers and steal consumer information. This type of fraud have increasingly been reported today and is damaging businesses and customers.

Social: It is most common and easiest way data is being stolen. People put all details in one place which makes it easy for the thief to gather intelligence about you.

Identity theft can occur with only a few important pieces of personal information.

The most effective way to protect social identity identity theft is to make social profile private.

How to prevent from identity theft?

Identity as a Service: it is an SaaS platform which helps in managing identities on a website. It helps in authentication visitors as well as stores identity related data securely.

Locking down social media: Privacy lock all the information, from your profile information to images and videos. Restrict adding unknown people to social media accounts.

Opt Out: Opt out giving information to every offer thrown at. Check genuineness of offer first by searching on internet, rather than hastily submitting information to receive discount code or offer link.

Identity theft today has multiple faces, in different forms. Staying updated and alert is the only key to keep safe from identity theft everywhere.

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