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Western Astrologer V/S Indian?—?Which One Is The Best?

Author: Astro Bhakti
by Astro Bhakti
Posted: Feb 20, 2017


The study which revolves around the position and movements of celestial objects to get the information about the effect of human due to it, this study has a very old history and the relics can be found which are as old as 2nd millennium BCE. If you are looking for someone who can help you out with this, and then stop your Google search because you have reached the goal as we provide you with Best Astrologer in Delhi who have knowledge and experience which brings a great deal for you. Our group of expert astrologers uses calendrical systems which help them to interpret celestial cycles and seasonal shifts as signs of divine communications.

The Jyotish members from our family are eager to help you out with your problems and vast experience in this domain is what making them great. We serve our customers with the best and the understanding of vashikaran and black magic helps to make your life better for hundreds of years. We can help you to predict the astrology of yours by seeing your name and date of birth. We are considered the best astrologers and if your life is stuck in the storm of difficulties, then let us help you to come out of it based on your personalized needs.

Why should you choose us?

  1. Western astrology does not have the practice of using fixed zodiac there is a shift of 24 degrees in the planetary longitude which means that all the planets will be going to the next sign. Hence western astrology is absurd to some extent.
  2. Western astrology has introduced Planets which are there beyond Neptune and Saturn, like Pluto which have very large orbital periods which ranges from 160 to 240 years which when compared to a life of an average human being is very large. In addition to this, these planets have the plane which is different than zodiac.
  3. Dasha system is not used in the western form of astrology which uses nakshatra of the Moon, which defies the laws of astrology, which is not in the case of Hindu astrology.
  4. In astrology, there is a saying that there is more accuracy if the period is short. Hence, Moon sign helps to give better and accurate results.But in the Western astrology, they sue Sun sign which is fixed for a period of a month as compared to 2 days which is the period of the Moon.

    Hence, it should be clear to you that Indian astrology is far better than western astrology and we are perfect in this, so you can take help from us.


We strive to provide you with the best service which can help you and that too for a very affordable price. The accurate predictions can help you to take decision and get the best results out of it. There is so much there in the universe to discover and utilise for the good, so let us help you to do it. Let not anyone come and become an obstacle in your life and this can only be done if you know about it and we’ll help you with this!

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Author: Astro Bhakti

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