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How to Attach Frames to a Bathroom Mirror?

Author: Moe Farhat
by Moe Farhat
Posted: Feb 27, 2017

In recent years, framed bathroom mirrors have gained quality. For existing mirrors, individuals usually assume their only choice involves gluing a frame to the wall. If there is sufficient space between your mirror's edges, ceiling or wall and the countertop, there is an easy, non-permanent technique to securely encapsulate your mirror with a frame. Once mirrors are installed in a frame before hanging, there is no space between the frame's outer lip and the mirror's surface. By careful frame choice and measuring, you'll minimize any space between a frame's outer lip and the surface of an existing mirrors.

Measurement, Frame and Hanger selection

  1. Measure the area between the mirror's bottom edge and the countertop, which will give the maximum frame dimension. Measure the area between your mirror's other edges and the wall and ceiling, that provides the maximum frame dimension if either measurement is smaller.
  2. Measure the thickness of the mirror, which can fit into the frame's rabbit, the area between the inner frame's top edge to its inner lip. Measure the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the entire mirror to produce the frame size.
  3. Select a ready-made or custom frame with a rabbit that has an equivalent -- or slightly larger -- depth than your mirror's depth. Ensure your frame's rabbit doesn't have less depth than your mirror and ensure your frame isn't wider than the smallest area between your mirror's edge and the countertop, wall or ceiling.


  1. Flip your frame over, centering the hanger vertically, and measuring one inch down from the frame's aspect to work out the uppermost position of the hanger's top loop. Holding the hanger on the frame, draw a red dot at the inner, uppermost point of the loop. Draw blue dots in the center of the hanger's three or four holes and repeat on the frame's other top 0.5.
  2. Place the hanger's bottom edge one in. up from the frame's bottom edge and draw a red dot at the inner, uppermost point of the hanger's top loop. Draw dots in the middle of the hanger's holes in blue and repeat the method on the opposite aspect of the frame's lower 0.5.
  3. Drill holes in the frame on the blue dots. Don't drill holes on the red dots, that designate where you may position nails in your wall. By using a screwdriver and the provided screws, attach the hangers to the frame with the highest loops of all hangers facing upward.
  4. Measuring up from your countertop, draw dots on your wall to an equivalent height because the red dots on the rear of your frame. Hammer heavy nails in your wall at those points, hanging your mirror on the nails by the highest loops of the hangers.

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