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Load Cell and Its Variants

Author: Senso Matic
by Senso Matic
Posted: Mar 01, 2017
load cells

Conversion and transference of energy are one of the vital functions of machines, as we know it. The load cell is not different from this central concept. It serves as a contraption that changes properties like weight and force into electrical signal coupled with an amplifier & Digital read out system. The electrical signal thus produced is then transmitted to remote devices for monitoring and computing of load, strain, pressure and such aspects. Due to its efficacy, load cells serve as the key instrument in many industries starting with marine or pharmaceuticals. The device is largely used in research facilities, medicine manufactories, automotive warehouses and aerospace centers.

Weighbridge Load Cells

A weighbridge load cell comes in both analogue and digital varieties. They are the core instrument of high performing industrial weighing devices. Weighbridge cells are designed particularly for weighbridge systems, as is understood from the name. These load cells are mechanized to face challenges of extreme temperature changes, flooding, rain, snow, ice, Lightning etc. Aside, they are also purposed to withstand excessive braking. They require minimum maintenance and are trusted for their exceptional accuracy. And, if you choose the product from top manufacturers, your investment will be warrantied with sound design principles, optimal environment sealing, Compensated for Elevated Temperature operations and such.

Double-Ended Load Cells

The double-ended load cell is another variety that is capacitated from mid to high range. The alloy steel construct of the instrument is nickel-plated which makes it intrinsically safe to use & is High Fatigue rated. The double-ended load cells can be used for weighment from 5tf to all the way up to 100tf of load in one go. These cells find use in truck scales, precision tanks, rail track scales, silo and bin weighing. They are also used in monitoring of inventory and level. These load cells are manufactured in wide scale by companies all around the world. They come in different constructs, and determines their applicability.

S-Type Load Cells

S-type load cells are the third kind that find wide use in weighing of tanks, hoppers, truck scales and any kind of suspended load. These cells are built to receive any kind of compression or tension output evaluations. S-bream loads are particularly preferred for their superior performance as compared to other similar tools in the market. They are compact and have a versatile packaging. Installation of S-type load cells is very easy. It is done by using rod ends or in some cases, load buttons. The performance of an S-type load cell is so far undisputed in comparison to others launched for the same purpose.

This, however, is not the end of the list. There are many other range of load cells, with unique geometries. They are categorically split into three main types, the low-capacity, the mid-range and high capacity cells. Depending on their capacities, they are taken in different industries for varying purposes. The low capacity load cells have the maximum mark of 1kgf while a high capacity load cell can go all the way up to 300 tf. The products are sold as is and in custom-designed forms.

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Sensomatic manufacture a wide range of high precision load cells for various Industrial application in India. Our range includes S-type load cell, Shear beam load cell, Double ended load cell, Compression load cell, Stainless steel load cell, Weighbridge load cell and many more.

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Sensomatic manufacture a wide range of high precision load cells for various Industrial application in India.

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