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Workout After Eating: Should You Do It?

Author: Sara Cooper
by Sara Cooper
Posted: Mar 02, 2017

Many people are confused about to do workout after eating. I do not blame them considering the clamor of fitness information being constantly blasted out there. It can be truly hard for one to know what to believe.

We believe that we should eat before exercising. Before discussing what to eat before exercise, let’s first delve into a major benefit of eating before exercise.

Exercise After Eating Allows to Maintain Higher Blood Sugar

Low glucose is known as hypoglycemia. this may occur when you skip meals and exercise on top of that. once your glucose is low, your exercise performance will suffer. this can be happening after long periods of exercise.

When you begin exercising, your body primarily uses muscle glycogen as energy. Your body stores glucose in form of Glycogen. This glycogen is stored in your liver and muscle tissue.

As you exercise for longer periods, however, your body can use less muscle glycogen. it'll instead use a lot of blood sugar as energy, as well as fat. If you're doing exercise on an empty stomach, your blood sugar levels can be lower. As you exercise, blood sugar is used as energy from this already depleted level.

Workout after eating is perfect as this can prevent low blood glucose levels. once blood glucose levels are low, this could lead to your body not feeling good. Symptoms of low blood glucose include you feeling lightheaded, dizzy and weak, among other things.

What to Eat Before a Workout?

Before workout, one thing you will want to avoid are fatty foods. Because your body digests these foods slowly, resulting stomach cramps. This could hinder your ability to effectively workout. Also, if you exercise instantly after eating, there are blood flow competition between muscles and stomach. This blood flow competition won’t only cause stomach cramps, however cause you to also not have as effective a muscle pump. Therefore, once working out after eating, you’ll wish to avoid one thing like donuts.

When exercise after eating, you must consider having something like an orange, peach, sports drink or macro molecule shake with carbs in it an hour before. All of those are simple to digest and can give you a lot of energy for workout.

Exercising After Eating

Eating before workout is important to keeping your energy and blood glucose levels up. However, what you eat and when you eat are necessary factors too. If you eat high fat foods before exercise, stomach cramps might have an effect on your performance. Eating right before workout might not give your body enough time to digest, which also can lead to stomach cramps. Quickly digested carbs can be taken in as a light snack an hour before workout to give you perfect performance.

Basically, it is good to eat before workout. But keep in mind what you are eating and when you are eating too. You have to do it yourself to stay fit.

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