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Website Translation For Business

Author: Jack Son
by Jack Son
Posted: Mar 20, 2017

Through this experience, we tell you how planning for a translation and work systems optimize the process to ensure success in a project like the scale that you're about to read. Tips that will be useful if you are thinking of translating the website of your hotel.

The spectacular offer Atlanta translation services company of web pages of the Spanish to English, English to the Spanish, as well as for languages like Russian, Chinese or Japanese, we have prepared. Offer thanks to which you can save a significant amount of money in your translation, unless this be prejudiced one iota of the same quality.

The translation of the website of the Hotel Condes de Barcelona

The Hotel Condes de Barcelona is a four star hotel of reference in terms of architectural and gastronomic, surrounded by the main points of tourist and cultural attractions that make up the modern epicenter of the city. Logistics and demands attention Premium to your potential customer, as well as an image of prestige and global consolidation, originated the need to this facility to translate your website into nine different languages, process that year after year is updated from the hand of new digital content that is being incorporated it since then.

Characteristics and, above all, its location, is a hotel with great international significance, whose client star is tourism level, coming to visit one of the cities with more charisma in the world.

Translate your website into multiple languages will serve (as you have had in this other article about 10 reasons why translating a website into several languages), for example, to attract and meet demand from emerging markets, and achieve a closeness with a final consumer increasingly performs searches on the internet in their respective native language.

Translations of websites and partnerships with intermediary agencies

Though, sometimes, is the director of marketing for the hotel who is in charge of search to the enterprise translator, in this translation company we have agreements with various communication and online marketing agencies, offering us the possibility of access to such projects. In this case, it was the T4XI Interactive agency which contacted us to let do us the work. The collaboration between the parties generated, already for many years, working systems that optimize the process and provide a higher quality to every project of translation (in this case of web pages) in which we collaborate with them, key aspect to develop with guarantees of success, large translation projects.

Ultimately establishing a climate of confidence, essential tasks of this magnitude, whereupon always has the certainty that everything is under control.

Translation of web pages of great size and a multitude of languages

When we receive a project of such magnitude, we abide by a specific workflow that enables a tight control over it, from beginning to end. Read below some of the guidelines that we always follow, as they are the basis of the success of each translation project in which we embarked. (on this subject, step by step we follow, you can also read other articles we have written on the blog).

Firstly, to ensure success in the translation of a website into multiple languages and facilitate the process to the various parties involved, the initial file preparation for translating is essential. The texts must be submitted in an editable format and so compacted in a single document, to help us provide for the extension to be able to assess the content globally. In this regard, and bearing in mind that cost is calculated by word translated, we use tools capable of detecting repetitions of words in the text, which allows us to apply discounts to the final price and offer considerable savings to the customer.

Secondly, to centralize all the doubts and communications, we created the figure of the translation project manager. This person is responsible for coordinating the reception of all texts, distribute the material to the corresponding native translators in each language, and then send the translations to the reviewers. Its function is to make sure that it is all approved and full before delivering the work. In addition, it establishes a bridge between customer and different translators, thus optimizing the comments between the two.
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Author: Jack Son

Jack Son

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