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Quantum Speed Reading for better performances in Children

Author: Rasleen Kaur
by Rasleen Kaur
Posted: Mar 11, 2017

Listening to a reader can be interesting and other times boring simply because professional reading requires skills that can’t be possessed by every individual. Training someone to read is not only for news anchors and television personalities, it is for everyone who wants to build him or herself and have unique qualities. The other difference comes from what a person reads; a good retention capacity of the brain is required of every reader. There is passive reading and active reading and it completely makes a huge difference.

There are many ways and techniques that build a person to become a genius and it is not only made before birth. A child is able to learn at a very high speed and at the same time remember what he has read in the future. The capacity and the rate of understanding in children are very high and this is the time of activating the brain. Quantum Speed reading is one of the techniques that can make your child extraordinary within a short period of time.

What is Quantum Speed Reading (QSR)?

The QSR is a technique that enables a child to read a book fast and without spending time to look at the content in the book. This technique was commonly used in China, North Korea, and Japan before spreading to the rest of the world. The technique offers wonderful results and improves the functioning of the brains.

Midbrain activation in India focuses on teaching a child how to read faster, understand and recall whatever that is read. Going through the books may seem easy for all individuals, but the difference that is made by midbrain activation is the potential to understand and sharpen the brain. There are many advantages of quantum speed reading as explained below;

  • Health reasons

QSR improves the general health of the brain. Children that have slow brains are made to adapt to fast reading and at the end, the brain is rejuvenated

It relaxes the brains and eradicates stress in a child or a person. The QSR is one way of overcoming stressful moments and get back in line

  • It enhances the reading speed and style of a child.
  • It develops and increases intuition
  • Boosts the brains
  • It builds precognitive skills and abilities
  • Better performance in class activities and examinations
  • Increases the memory capacity

You can have a quantum speed reading course in India for your child to become more acquainted with the classroom and home activities. Every child has a greater opportunity to have a bigger IQ through midbrain activation games and activities.

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