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Find free Nifty today trend and Bank Nifty trend for today and tomorrow

Author: Arthur Jackson Jackson
by Arthur Jackson Jackson
Posted: Mar 24, 2017

The Nifty 50 index is National Stock Exchange of India’s benchmark stock market index for Indian equity market. Nifty is owned and managed by India Index Services and products (IISL), which is wholly owned subsidiary of the NSE strategic Investment Corporation Limited. It covers 22 sectors of Indian economy. So if Nifty moves up then stock also moves in the same direction of Nifty. So trader must know the trend of Nifty to know stock trend.

There is a misconception among people or stock market trader that market is a game of gamble due to lack of knowledge. Trader should know that Nifty or stock always move in a technical path. Using technical chart you can predict the trend. Also a lot of things a trader should know before entering market. People don’t research but listen to the rumors and trapped. Only one percentage in market is technical trader and they are successful.

Use Technical analysis method

Importance of Index Nifty

Index Nifty comprises of top 50 stocks. Nifty is a best indicator of stock trend and market. You must have noticed that when Indian index Nifty moves up, most stock moves up and when Nifty/ Bank nifty moves down most stock/banking stock moves down. So nifty today trend could be taken as an indicator for stock trend. So most technical and successful trader and technical trader first read "Nifty Today" which page is updated daily with Indian index Nifty and Bank Nifty technical trend, support and resistance and important world news and event.

Know opening trend of Nifty before market opens.

SGX Nifty, also known as Singapore Nifty is derivative of NIFTY index traded officially in Singapore stock exchange. Nifty trades for 6.30 hours on National Stock Exchange but NIFTY Future on SGX are traded for sixteen hours from 6.30 am to 11.30 pm as per Indian time. Due to long hour trade it is affected by world economic trend and political events and takes direction so. So the sentiment or first trend of Indian market could be derived from SGX Nifty future price as SGX nifty opens before NSE. Then in Nifty Today page get Nifty technical trend, Bank Nifty technical trend with levels and probable range of trade, Nifty pivot point, support and resistance and world financial news and events which can affect market trend.

In the above Nifty live chart figure first section is called candlestick pattern chart. In this part price moves in a closed boundary which is called as lower and upper Bollinger boundary. Watch price always move within that boundary and when price touches any lower or upper boundary price changes trend. To watch and test in live please use Free Nifty Future Live Chart to practice. Add MACD, Moving averages, Stochastic and Bollinger band to the chart to find Nifty trend.

1st section

Moving average –Here watch short-term moving average (Blue color) and long-term (red color) which is used to find trend. Watch in chart when short-term moving average cross long term moving average line in upward direction (Called Birth point) inside Bollinger bands then market move up and in reverse (called Death point) market move downward. In this cross over time market move rapidly. So it gives the trend.

2nd Section

MACD- Moving average convergence and divergence. Watch in chart it moves in a sinusoidal wave way. Here you can find the buying and selling volume bar, so you can know what people are actually doing and trend. Also watch the crossover between slow and fast-moving average gives direction.

3rd Section

Stochastic- It shows the overbought and oversold zone of Nifty. Watch when Stochastic is below 30, it is called over sold zone and if it moves further down then at any time buyer can take control and stock may move up. So this shows the entry zone in case of buying for any stock or Nifty.

When Stochastic is above 70 and still moving up then this is called over bought zone and any time seller may take control and profit booking may take place. So this is exit zone in case of buying. Use these 3 sections and use in live chart to study better. Use 5 min, 15 min and hourly and daily chart interval to understand better. Do virtual or paper trade to practice.

Trader can use 5min, 15 min intervals to know the trend for short-term. However 60min interval or hourly interval will give more clarity about Nifty Trend for any day. This is for traders holding their trading position anywhere ranging from 1-7 hours and Daily interval will give more clarity about the carry forwarding positions to next day.

Author Bio:

Mr. Arthur Jackson, Technical Analyst and Founder of Nifty Trend providing trading advisory services in Nifty Today, Equity, Derivatives and Commodity market. He also made a guest appearance in various workshops which were conducted on stock market awareness.

About the Author

Mr. Arthur Jackson, Technical Analyst and Founder of Nifty Trend providing trading advisory services in Nifty Future Trading Tips, Nifty Trend for Today, Equity, Derivatives and Commodity market.

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