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What is good or bad and how to handle bad?

Author: Sangeeta Samal
by Sangeeta Samal
Posted: Apr 19, 2017
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Since my childhood, I have been listening so many things to define the concept of good or bad. In childhood, our parents taught us the definition of good or bad in pre-defined way like stealing something, scolding somebody, quarrelling with each other, telling lie, did mistake etc. would be bad manner and Being faithful, being honest, being perfect etc. would be good manner.

We are all same, when we first came to this beautiful world. Then slowly we learnt from our parents, others. Slowly circumstances make us who we are. In my point of view, what our mind tells us good i.e. good and what our mind tells us bad i.e. bad depending upon the situations We can train our mind to decide what is good or bad by understanding the real meaning of this.

Therefore there is no specific definition for everyone. It depends upon our thinking, which intimates us what is good or bad?

Here i'm going to explain how concept of good or bad depends upon the situation to everyone.

Suppose someone steals something from us, suddenly our mind intimate us that person did bad to us, so we feel bad about that person who stole our things. That’s why it is bad for us, but we can’t know about the person, who feels the same way or the person feels good what did to us. If that person was needy for that thing, then the person wouldn't feel bad like us, as that is good for that person.

So everyone take the things the way depend upon their situation.

So nothing is good or bad in this world, we, who identify the things as bad or good ourselves depends upon our situations. Suppose if you feel bad for anything, then you need to overcome from this bad feeling.

There is simply way to overcome from this bad feeling, just train your mind nothing is good or bad in this world. If you would do something unfair to anybody, then you never feel peace inside. So forgive yourself first as no one is perfect in this world, mistake is part of human being but never do the same mistake again. Just forgive & learn from your mistake, then you feel well again.

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