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The Caustic Soda Index of Magnesium Oxide

Author: Allen Hu
by Allen Hu
Posted: Apr 01, 2017
magnesium oxide

When you purchase magnesium oxide, you should not focus on the content of magnesium oxide. You also should pay more attention to the caustic soda, monox, calcium oxide, iodine absorption value, whiteness and other indexes. Today, as a magnesium oxide manufacturer, we will talk about the caustic soda. In the physicochemical indexes of caustic soda in magnesium oxide, other chemical materials are no comparison with some characteristics of it.

The magnesium oxide can adjust the content of caustic soda depend on the caloricity and the sintering time of coal. It is easy to master and control different content of caustic soda which needed by different magnesium oxide. The value of magnesium oxide content and caustic soda content is 93%. Therefore, if you know the caustic soda is 7%, you can directly calculate the content of magnesium oxide is 86%. On the contrary, if the store or others lead the caustic soda content to increase by 2%, therefore, the magnesium content would be decreased by 2 percent. Some one asked, why the caustic soda increase instead of decrease from the content of silicon, calcium, iron and calcium? The content of silicon, calcium, iron and calcium is controlled by the mineral. If it is burnt to magnesium oxide, the content of silicon, calcium, iron and calcium is relatively fixed. Therefore, only the caustic soda, magnesium oxide and activity can be changed. The caustic soda and magnesium content are inversely proportional.

Under certain conditions, the setting time of magnesium oxide is very short, and sometimes is opposite. It even appear the phenomenon of non-congealable. When you meet this kind of phenomenon, you should find out the causes from two aspects. One is the operating temperature. Two is the caustic soda content of magnesium oxide. A large number of manufacturers and professional engineers acquires the magnesium oxide content, ant the same time, they also demand the caustic soda content. For example, in Summer, the content of caustic soda can not more than 6, it is better to control from 4 to 5. In Winter, the content of caustic soda can not less than 7, the better content is from 8 to 10. In the end, Meishen Technology, a professional magnesium oxide supplier and manufacturer, summarizes that the higher content of caustic soda, the faster the magnesium oxide curdles. Otherwise, it is opposite.

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Hebei Meishen Technology Co., Ltd is the professional magnesium oxide supplier and manufacturer.

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