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Five Methods to Prepare Magnesium Oxide

Author: Allen Hu
by Allen Hu
Posted: Apr 05, 2017
magnesium oxide

There are five methods which can prepare the magnesium oxide:

1.Brine-lime method

Firstly, the brine will be treated purifying, and the lime will be treated digestion and deslagging. Made the lime milk from the brine and the lime. In the precipitation tank, the lime milk makes the precipitation reaction. Adding the flocculating agent into slurry, you should separate it after mixing in the settling tank. And the, through filtration, washing, drying and smashing, it can make the finished product of magnesium oxide.

2.Brine-ammonia process

The purification treatment can remove sulphate, carbon dioxide boron and other impurities. the brine can be regarded as raw material. Using ammonium hydroxide as precipitator in the reaction still. Before the reaction, you should add a certain seed crystal and intensive mixing. The proportion between brine and ammonium hydroxide should be 1?(0.9?0.93), and the temperature should be controlled in 40?. After finished the reaction, you can add the flocculating agent. After the filtration, you should wash it, dry it and smash it. Finally, the magnesium oxide will be made. This test method remains to improve yield, cut down wash cycle and improve manufacturing technique.

3.Magnesia-hydrochloric acid-ammonia process

It can produce magnesium oxide and carbon dioxide through calcining the magnesite and anthracite or coke. Magnesia powder was added water and mixed to starchiness. This starchiness reacts with hydrochloric acid, which has a certain concentration, it can prepare the magnesium chloride solution. This magnesium chloride solution reacts with ammonium hydroxide in the reactor. The product can obtain magnesium oxide through washing, settling, filtering separation, drying and smashing. According to your need, it can add the surface treating agent.

4.Microcrystalline magnesium oxide

Under the indoor temperature, it can compound saturated solution of MgCl2·??2O. Mixing it and adding excess stronger ammonia water in 70?. Therefore, the magnesium oxide can be cemented out slowly.

Pay attention to: the distilled water and ammonium hydroxide must not have CO2. The distilled water should be full boiled. The CO2 in NH3 need to be removed by KOH.

5.Large-grained magnesium oxide

Adding about 243mL of water to a wide mouth container, and then, you can add 1375g of KOH and 485g of MgCl2·6???. Heating it until 210? in the electric furnace, and clarifying it after half hour. During 18 hours, chilling it to the indoor temperature. There is separated out crystal which diameter is about.2mL. In the temperature of 100?, it is dried about 2 hours. Finally, it can make the magnesium oxide with large grain.

The above analysis is from expert of Meishen Technology, which is a professional magnesium oxide manufacturer and supplier.

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Hebei Meishen Technology Co., Ltd is the professional magnesium oxide supplier and manufacturer.

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