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Installation Of Solid Surface Countertops

Author: Armaan Malik
by Armaan Malik
Posted: Apr 07, 2017
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A surface that is durable, attractive and easy to maintain is a kind of surface required in the kitchen. When it comes to solid surface countertops the choices are immense. They are available in plenty of colours and designs. These are nonporous thus are perfect for food preparation without the worry of staining. People have been using these for a very long time and it has gained much popularity with time. There are a number of reliable solid surface dealers who can provide the best option available.

How does one identify a good quality of solid surface countertops?

There are different qualities of solid countertops a strong one will be able to resist impact. A non-porous will be able to resist bacteria and hence proving better sanitation in the kitchen. Apart from this in the case of any scratches sandpaper provided by the manufacturer can always take care of it. Additionally, it is always recommended to hire a solid surface installation professional to get that perfect fit.

Benefits in using solid surface countertops:

  1. They resist stains and any bacteria that is due to food
  2. When well maintained they stays for a very long time
  3. In case of any scratches it can be sanded out
  4. Water does not damage it thus can be kept in the proximity of the sink
  5. Huge range of colours and designs to match the kitchen

Everyone wants their kitchen to look best. It is always recommended that a local solid surface fabricator is hired for the complete design and installation of the solid surface countertops. They are specifically trained professionals with a great experience and in-depth knowledge of working with tools and solid surface materials. Ultimately what one would gain is saving time as well as an assurance of the perfect work done.

Difference between acrylic and polyester solid sheets:

When solid sheets come in mind there are two major types of sheets acrylic and polyester sheets. Both look good, however; there is a vast difference in their performances. Polyester is a replica of acrylic sheet. Acrylics are hygienically best for kitchen countertops as it does not create bacteria and especially with the close encounter with the sink. Polyester does not bend thus great designs can only be created with acrylic as it bends and can be modified into a number of designs as per choice. Additionally, acrylic sheets are much superior to polyester sheets. Costing wise acrylic is much more than a polyester sheet. Only a professional would be able to identify the difference. Thus, getting is done by a professional carpenter or a designer is the best decision one can make.

Care and maintenance of solid surface countertops

Solid surface countertops are easy to maintain and can live for many years only when it is taken care of. Cleaning with mild soap and a dry cloth is advisable. Although it is resistant to heat one must avoid exposing the counter with direct heat and strong chemicals. Cutting directly on the countertop must be avoided.

Whenever the countertops have to be refurbishing always take professional help of a solid surface fabricator like Grand Decors for best results.

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