How Are Business Cards Beneficial for Your Business?

Author: Sandeep Das
by Sandeep Das
Posted: Apr 11, 2017

Today, social media and Smartphones have made it easier to connect with people. However, there is no technological means that can replace the old fashioned business cards. It helps an organization to expand and a job seeker to network. A Business card can be obtained very easily.

A business card contains information about a company. They can be used by small, as well as medium scale business. The business card usually consists of the name and the contact details of the business. A Business card can be used for advertising or marketing a business since they can be left with potential clients or put up in gyms, shops, and other places.

Check out some of the benefits of a business card.

Is Convenient

A business card is one of the easiest methods to exchange contact information with clients or potential customers on spot. This gives you the option of saving the store information or hard copy electronically. These cards are pretty small enough to fit inside the pocket. As a matter of fact, recent technology has also made it possible to scan and store the information given in the business card.

Helps in Networking

A business card is beneficial for professional networking. In case, you are looking for a job then you need to convert these business by including your expertise. Not only will the person you are networking will have your contact information but also give them a better idea about who you are.

Is Effective

Even though email marketing and SEO, the paid media are great for attracting prospects and leads; these aren’t as good as the exchange of business cards. With the help of a business card, you can get potential leads at any time you want. It ensures that you never miss out on an opportunity to build a connection.

Builds First Impression

If you meet someone who can be a great connection or prospect then you will obviously want him/her to leave with a great impression. A good business card does a lot more than passing on the phone number and address. They are good for making a great first impression and also act as an ice-breaker.

Available at Low Cost

If you want to market or advertise your business but do not have a big budget then a business card is the most effective forms of marketing tools. In fact, you can also do it yourself. Technology has made business cards more useful.

A business card gives people the idea that you are prepared. Handing out information on a piece of paper doesn’t look professional. If you give out business card, it will show that you have a professional approach.

If you are confused as to how to choose the right business card for your business then take a look at the tips given below.

  • A quick search in Google will give you many options for a business card. You can choose from a wide variety of templates and designs.
  • You might have a lot of information to include in the business card. However, make sure that you include only the important information. Do not forget to include a picture. This is because people are more likely to hold on to it if it has a picture. Humans are drawn to colors no matter what is there age.
  • The material which you are selecting for the business card is pretty important. This offers a unique feel to the car. The material that you choose also depends on your requirements and choice. A simple card might be good for some business but can be conventional for some other forms of business. There are businesses that use cards made of plastic, wood, and metal.
  • When you are designing your card, you should make it convenient for usage. You should make it a point to adhere to the standard conventions and size. The size of it should be compatible with card holders or card scanners. In case, you change its shape and size, you might have to sacrifice its convenience.
  • You should be creative and include at least one thing which will make it memorable. Your card reflects everything about a company. Thus, make sure that you choose a design which will go with the company’s image. If it is a start-up business then you opt for an innovative design and if it’s an established company then you should go for a classic design. Make sure that the design is cool and unique.

When you make a business card for your business, you should avoid printing it in small fonts. This might make it difficult for people to read. Color is a robust tool for marketing your business. The wrong choice of colors can have a negative effect on your business. Hence, make sure that you choose the colors for these cards very carefully.

Keep in mind that being creative is good but you shouldn’t go overboard with it. Irrespective of how creative the card is, if it does not fit into the business card holder then it will be of no use. The potential client will store it somewhere and will forget about it.

The information that you print on the business card should not look cluttered. Too much print can make it look unprofessional. You need to sort out the information and include only those that are necessary.

Having a box full of cards will not help. You will have to take an effort to distribute them. Make sure that the cards are supplied properly. Give them out wherever it is adequate. You should not hesitate to give out more than one. This can result in loads of referral.

When you design the business card, it is important to take some time out and think about the design. You should make the card visually appealing and distinctive. Check if it has all the necessary information. Having a business card is great for spreading the word of the mouth. You should not ever underestimate the impression that your business card can make. It will attract clients and will also help in making sales.

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