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Watch UK Netflix Anywhere in The World

Author: Stephanie Goodrich
by Stephanie Goodrich
Posted: Apr 14, 2017
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UK has a large user base for Netflix and many Britons love to go to Netflix to watch the shows they love. Netflix has many advantages over the traditional TV. The biggest advantage is how one can watch the episodes when they want and not when it is broadcast. There are other inherent advantages of Netflix as well, including one can watch shows which are available on Netflix alone. Netflix also offers films for rent and it is easier to watch those on Netflix than to rent a DVD or to go to a cinema hall. It is even economical to rent films on Netflix. There are free contents available on Netflix and the premium contents are not too expensive either. Combining all these features, Netflix is becoming very popular in the UK.

However, there is one drawback of Netflix. There are some shows which are marked for UK residents alone and thus, the access to those shows are restricted from other countries. This creates a problem for the travelling Britons. Suppose a British citizen is vacationing in India. As he would open his Netflix account from India, the UK-only TV shows will be unavailable for him. In other words, they can watch the content they have paid for, just because they are travelling. The root cause of this problem is that Netflix judges the nationality or location of any account depending on the IP the user is using. As every country has different IPs, Netflix will block out contents indiscriminately.

The workaround would be to access Netflix using a UK IP. How to get UK IP in India? In other words, how to get Netflix, UK in India? The answer is by using a VPN. A VPN service works as an intermediary between the server and the user. Any connection to the server would seem like it is coming from the server and the user details of the original user would be completely hidden. Thus, if any user connects to a VPN server which is located in the UK, and tries to open Netflix via that, the Netflix server would consider the request as a user inside UK and unblock the content.

However, not every VPN service has a server in the UK and some of them doesn't allow video streaming. Some other VPN service isn't fast enough for video streaming. One should consider these before buying VPN packages.
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