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Know More About Legacy Applications

Author: David Allison
by David Allison
Posted: Apr 17, 2017
legacy applications

Legacy applications are those applications which carry a rich legacy but is no longer a fit for the modern computing environment. There can be multiple reasons why this problem of incompatibility might arise.

First of all, the operating system might not be compatible. If the application was built to work in Windows 98 or Windows XP, surely, it will not work with modern systems like Windows 7 or Windows 10. Secondly, if there is too much of architectural change the application might fail to work, for example 8 bit binary application will not work in 64 bit Windows environment.

However, hardware changes also affect the functionality of legacy applications. For example, modern computers often run 8GB or 16GB of RAM. This amount of RAM was unthinkable a few years ago and thus, older applications might not handle this amount of Ram allocation properly. Multicore processors often cause problem because older applications were not made to be processed using multiple processors.

If you check the system requirements for any software, you will see there are always two different sets of requirements, minimum and recommended. When the hardware or software of the computing environment is more or less than the minimum required specification, the application will stop working. For example, old DOS games will not work in Windows 10 or even Windows XP, unless you install certain emulators which can create a DOS-like environment.

This can be a particularly tricky situation for companies who are dependent on a certain application but the application has become outdated. The company can't stop using it because the revenue is directly linked with it. However, the company cannot upgrade their computers to modern software, operating system or hardware, because the application would stop working. The computers must run the older software but that is risky.

There are specialised solutions for this problem and nothing works out of the box. There are several agencies who will update the existing legacy application without losing any functionality. They will ensure that the legacy application can be run in modern computers as well. These agencies will also ensure that whatever database is connected to the legacy application is not ruined because those might be critical or confidential database for the company. If any company is stuck with a legacy application, they should contact these specialised agencies immediately to solve their problem. These companies are experienced and efficient in solving such problems.
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