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Learn Structured Query Language to rule Database

Author: Mind Q Systems
by Mind Q Systems
Posted: Apr 19, 2017

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is used store and manipulates data into the database. Database is loaded with the data related to project by using SQL, it store data in the form of tables and schemas. To retrieve the data when required query language is used. The query language is used to create, delete, adding the data, updates the data many operations are performed with exact command operations.

The important commands of SQL are

  • DDL: It is used to define structure of the database. The Data Definition Language commands are
  • CREATE - To create tables in the database
  • ALTER - Used to change the structure of the database
  • DROP - It is used to delete objects
  • TRUNCATE - To remove all data from the records truncate is used
  • COMMENT - add comments about, table, table column, indexed type to the data dictionary by using Comment
  • RENAME - to change the name of the object
  • DML: Data manipulation language is used to manage the data within the objects. The commands involved are
  • SELECT- It retrieves the required data
  • INSERT- it add file to the database
  • UPDATE - update the information in the records
  • DELETE- delete the record
  • MERGE - use to perform multiple operations like insert, update and delete
  • DCL: Data Control language used to give special preferences and retakes it back.
  • GRANT - Gives special access to user
  • REVOKE - take back the granted permission

SQL is a basic language that supports all relational data bases like oracle, Mysql, MS Access and IBM DB2. All the databases follow E.F.Codd rules to allow relational database management system to access through SQL.

SQL Dba is used to maintain all activities of the database. It is responsible for implementing, managing and maintaining of records in the database. It is responsible for all polices and maintaining security.

SQL training gives good knowledge on installing SQL server, issues related to installation, server up gradations, security maintenance, about relational database management system, log shipping, clauses, indexing, concurrency and performance tuning.

SQL training is available

Daily class room training: Students attend classes regularly

Weekend classes: Students attend long weekend sessions

Online classes: Attend classes through web

This training gives practical exposure to the Query Language and helps to work in real time. It is good to have good knowledge on query language as it is basics for all the databases. Currently students are opting for online classes because they can learn through web with direct classes efficiency from anywhere and grab knowledge out of it. Doubts can be clarified at that point of time.

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