Reasons why we all are addicted to Indian cooking videos

Author: Vaishnavi Arya
by Vaishnavi Arya
Posted: Apr 21, 2017

Indian cooking videos are some of the most addictive content on the web. If you have any cooking questions or want to learn some cooking skills, easy breakfast recipe videos, lunch and dinner recipe videos, you can find all these on YouTube within minutes. Browse the web and open up any cooking site or write any recipe name, you will easily find out A to Z information about ingredients, preparation and cooking time as well as servings.

Master your chopping, baking, and everyday dinner making skills with fast and easy dinner recipes videos available on YouTube and other social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Are you are a busy person who just never got around to learn the basic cooking skills? The online Indian cooking videos are the best choice.

Indian cooking videos inspire home cooks to create restaurant style recipes everyday at home. People’s love affair with coking videos began with taste. Do you know why these cooking videos are loved? Why all are addicted to easy breakfast recipe videos and other cooking videos? Here are the reasons:

  1. Most of the youth don’t know how to cook: Most of the people on social media are 25 years or younger. They need to learn something artistic and new everyday when it comes to cooking. These videos are godsend for the visual learners.
  2. Easy to follow directions: Simple layout and length of all Indian recipe videos allows people to understand the recipes within a few minutes without being overloaded with a number of directions. Most of the time people over-explain things in order to sound as an expert but in these videos you will not hear multiple instructions but only one thing at the end, yes it’s done.
  3. Playback option: These recipe videos have playback option that allows you to learn the recipes easily. There are many ways to learn a recipe and one among them is a cookbook. Losing a single page from the cookbook seems like losing the life. Papers are always ruined and so you will lose the recipe. But the phone or tablet will never let you lose any part of the recipe. Keep replaying the recipe till you get the final product.
  4. See the delicious and then pretend I have made it: Whether it is lack of ingredients or lack of motivations, when we see easy breakfast recipe videos, we end up making something special. It provides a sense of satisfaction and joy when you know you can make it.
  5. Finding new cultural foods: Now the trend of watching and posting cooking recipe videos has spread on the international social media platforms. You can easily get to know about the recipes of different cultures and give uniqueness to your cooking.

These are some of the reasons that allow you to watch healthy and enjoyable fast and easy dinner recipe videos. Go ahead, watch that red sauce or white sauce pasta five times and try it for your kiddos.

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