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Top Trends in Enterprise Mobility

Author: Renny Jose
by Renny Jose
Posted: Apr 25, 2017

Enterprise mobility has been an important element in IT investments of 2016. According to Business Standard, it is estimated that the global enterprise mobility market by 2020 is expected to bring in $140 billion annually. Over 70% of companies acknowledge mobility to be their highest priority.

With an estimated three billion mobile devises expected to be sold by 2017, the number of enterprises getting on the mobility bandwagon is increasing. Not having a focus on mobility will translate into a reduced market share and lower revenues. Success in Enterprise mobility is dependent on having a robust mobility strategy.

Mobility is all set to bring about a revolution in the industry. However, the path for this revolution has its own hurdles.

  • Security Concerns: Security has always been a major element of concern in the mobility arena. A major concern pertains to striking the right balance between data security with usability of the application. Even today, with continual development in Cloud storage and operations, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), security continues to be a problem area in Enterprise Mobility Management. Since it is so, there is focused attention driven towards overcoming this hurdle.
  • Developing a Mobile Strategy: Being a revolution in industries, mobile strategy is yet an entirely new concept for a majority of enterprises. Many companies need to analyze its Enterprise Mobility fitness. Due to dearth of its knowledge enterprises have not been able to plan efficiently for future practices.
  • Budget: With every new market opportunity, getting a budget to help leverage the opportunity is always a challenge. This holds true also in the case of Enterprise Mobility. With Mobility being a big buzz word across industries, its involvement in Digital Transformation is certain and crucial. It is uncanny that there are enterprises which still operate without thinking about going mobile.

Here are few of the latest trends in Enterprise Mobility to help lead to a successful mobility strategy.

  1. Security and Manageability: Security and management of mobile devices will become an important element in crafting mobility strategies. The security and manageability practices will be designed to meet upcoming challenges with suitable solutions.
  2. Popularity of Companion Apps: People use multiple devices. Mobile phones are one of the top devices being used among several other devices such as tablets, notebooks, wearables etc. As a result of this, enterprises can develop applications for mobile devices exclusively.
  3. Applications for Multiple Platforms: Users now have the option to use multiple platforms of choice for different applications. Enterprises will have to develop applications that function across platforms.
  4. Rise of Citizen Developers: Application development is turning to low-code and no-code app platforms. This has given scope for citizens to turn into developers. With little knowledge of application development, there are many citizen developers who are creating innovative and secure apps.

Enterprises can take advantage of these mobile trends to formulate their go-to-market strategy. If you would like to know more about Enterprise Mobility Consulting Services, then do visit our website

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Renny Jose Manuel, Manager - Business Development, Sales & Marketing at Nous Infosystems

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