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7 Early Signs of Alzheimer`s in Senior Adults

Author: Hethre Honna
by Hethre Honna
Posted: Sep 11, 2018
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Alzheimer`s is a disease common in some older adults. This disease may weaken mind and can account for memory loss in seniors. There are many signs in older adults which may lead to developing Alzheimer`s in them. However, the symptoms discussed below can be due to some other disease or may be temporary. Here`s a list of 7 signs in seniors of Alzheimer`s.

1. Memory Loss

Seniors who are on the verge on developing Alzheimer`s may have memory related problems. Alzheimer`s may affect your loved one`s brain and may make him or her forget about everyday work routine. Memory loss can be the first signs in senior adults before developing Alzheimer`s. However, memory loss may also be due to other factors too.

2. Difficulty in Problem Solving

Alzheimer`s may cause confusion in your loved one`s mind and they may become prone to solving complex problems. A simple problem may become harder for a senior with Alzheimer`s. Your loved ones may face difficulties in calculating things. You can give your loved ones few math problems to solve which may be easier for you to better judge their mental health.

3. Trouble in Talking

Jumbling words, forgetting words to say, and speech repetition are some of the things seniors with Alzheimer`s may do. If your loved ones have a slurry speech and uses incorrect words then it may indicate an early sign of developing Alzheimer`s. Family caregivers can give their loved ones long words to remember and listen afterwards to test their speech.

4. Social Isolation

If your loved ones are making them socially inactive and isolating them from family and friends then it may be an early stage of Alzheimer`s. seniors may lose curiosity in their activities. You can ask your loved ones about their interests, hobbies, and favorite activities to motivate them.

5. Misplacing Things

Forgetfulness may lead to irritability and lack of critical reasoning. Seniors who forget things after putting them in a specific place may develop Alzheimer`s due to memory loss. Your loved ones may be habitual of misplacing things which can be an early stage of Alzheimer`s as people tend to forget things before developing the disease.

6. Mood Swings

Seniors who may develop Alzheimer`s may be accustomed to frequent mood swings. You can notice your loved one`s behavior while being around new people. A mixed feeling of anger, happiness, confusion, and anxiety can be demonstrated by seniors who are on the edge of developing Alzheimer`s.

7. Poor Decisions and Judgments

Some other changes in your loved one`s personality may be poor decision making. Overwhelming with trust and doubtfulness can be an early stage of developing Alzheimer`s in some seniors. Your loved ones may find it hard to make rapid decisions.

These are some of the signs seniors may show when they are on the verge of developing Alzheimer`s. family caregivers should keep in mind that medications and living environment may also cause severe changes in their loved ones mental health. If you think your loved one may develop Alzheimer`s or Dementia then seeking medical advice can be an amazing way to control the disease.Source : Home Care Las Vegas
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