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Many colours and shapes of modern traffic safety signs

Author: Warning Lites
by Warning Lites
Posted: May 10, 2019

Traffic safety signs are now seen as an ordinary daily seen things and a very few peol actually focus on them. However, traffic safety signs provide necessary information that guide people to their destination. And all this is done while allowing them to take the shortest and safest route possible

When you find yourself traveling in an unfamiliar place, traffic safety signs provide you with immediate, local information of road conditions, on-going repairs, and potential hazards. As such, reminders about some common types of traffic safety signs can be quite useful. People can do with a refresher on these everyday traffic signs. Perhaps others can even benefit from an introduction.

Directing Traffic With lighting and Colour

LED blinker signs have certain specific features distinguishing each other according to their functions. These designs are standardized in order to impart uniform advisories, and are also integral in making them readily identified across the United States and indeed even worldwide. These features also allow them to be recognizable even from a distance or at high speeds.

Some of the most commonly-seen LED blinker signs are regulatory, warning, and temporary traffic control signs. The following is a short discussion of traffic design features and functions:

Regulatory Signs

A specific group of LED blinker signs inform motorists of traffic laws at night. These are referred to as Regulatory Signs. Included in this group are Stop Signs and Yield Signs, speed limit signs, One Way Signs, Do Not Enter Signs, and others that are used to organize road traffic flow. Stop Signs are octagonal-shaped, while Yield Signs are shaped in equilateral triangles, with the point facing down. Speed Limit, One Way, and Do Not Enter signs are often vertically-positioned rectangles.

Red and white are the two colors usually associated with regulatory signs. Red is typically reserved for Stop, Yield, Wrong Way and Do Not Enter LED blinker signs.

Warning Signs

Another distinct group of signs, these are meant to School and pedestrian Traffic Signs alert drivers of any unexpected roadway conditions ahead. These signs indicate sudden curves, ramps and others and come in either yellow or fluorescent yellow-green. Yellow-colored signs are designated for notifying people of any potential dangers, and so allow for an appropriate response. These signs are also often diamond-shaped, though No Passing Zone signs are typically pennant-shaped, and small stop sign are usually circular.

Fluorescent yellow-green colored signs are often used for school zone signs and school crossing signs, though they can also be used as small stop sign. The brightness of the colour makes these signs clearly visible even in otherwise low-visibility conditions.

Temporary Traffic Control Signs

Temporary traffic control signs are used to guide traffic through areas with ongoing construction work. These are signs that road construction crews install in and around their work zones to notify people and regulate traffic. Temporary Traffic Control signs are orange, and often diamond- or rectangular-shaped and small stop sign can also come in this shape if used here.

In its many shapes and sizes, small stop sign is a convenient means of managing traffic and ensuring pedestrian and motorist safety. And even though a lot of us who travel along roads and highways don’t pay as much attention as we should, traffic signs go a long way in helping us arrive safely to where we need to go.

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